Job Professions that will Disappear in the Future

Job professions that will disappear

Job Professions that will Disappear in the future

Let’s focus on the job professions that will disappear in the future. Technological advances in the labor market are likely to result in the loss of many jobs in the short or long term. According to a study conducted by McKinsey, more than 40% of jobs will be computerized and automated. Moreover, many positions have been occupied by very sophisticated machines. If you are an accountant, cashier, pharmacist, taxi or train driver, trader, interpreter and translator, know that your position is on the verge of extinction. We tell you more about the professions that will disappear by then.

Why will some job professions disappear?

The potential impact of Artificial Intelligence on the labor market has prompted much thought and prediction. Indeed, even if automation increases the productive capacity of workers, technological advances are likely to result in the loss of much trade in the short or long term. In this article, we will discuss the accounting profession, a job threatened by the emergence of artificial intelligence and robots. A real example is a travel agency there are only a few now.

1. Accountant and bookkeepers

In recent years, the number of accountants has undergone major changes and continues to decline (10% less than in the 1990s). Indeed, software and algorithms already support and continue to grow. Of course, you can’t compete with machines when it comes to math, because calculating is the best thing they do.

Even the Sapiens Institute report predicts the end of the profession between 2041 and 2056. No doubt, humanity will become obsolete after that. Those who specialize in complex tax matters will remain, but those who deal with less important tax matters will disappear due to lack of demand. If you want to become an accountant, ask yourself the right questions.

2. Cashier

Today, self-payment has turned supermarkets upside down and unfortunately cashiers can’t fight back. The extinction of this profession is even planned in 2050. Shops without cashiers must end up burying the profession. Even if some still favor human contact, this profession will indeed disappear in the next 20 years. It symbolizes the end of an era and the transition to the digital age.

3. Pharmacist

It should be noted that some pharmacies are currently equipped with the Rowa system from the British brand ARX. This robot is specially designed to look for drugs listed on a patient’s prescription in a drawer. This allows in particular:

  • optimize space;
  • reduce errors during order taking;
  • properly control or manage inventory.

Obviously, with pharmacies equipped with such innovations, the staff is naturally reduced.

4. Translator

Today’s translation software is very efficient and is still being improved, making the translation profession a disappearing profession. Even real-time voice translation is developing.

According to Google’s predictions, Google Translate will reach perfection and will make no more mistakes in 2028. The next decade will see the elimination of many language-related professions. No need to see your English teacher!

5. Traders

Trading is one of the most fantasized and hated professions by the population. And yes, it’s losing momentum. In France, for example, more than 30% of transactions on the Paris Stock Exchange are carried out by computer bots. Indeed, thanks to robots, financial transactions occur faster than humans.

This evidence has led some companies to believe that robotic machines save time and more money than merchants. They do not experience stress, anxiety and do not experience fatigue. They can however suffer from heat stroke, but are very quickly regulated by the fan.

6. Taxi driver

No wonder this profession is on the verge of extinction within a few years. It could even be that all transportation is at risk of being severely disrupted. Indeed, self-driving cars (vehicles without a driver) have been around and have been around for several years now. They allow you to move around without worrying about driving.

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If the car is still undergoing tests and is still far from perfect, nothing is less certain for the next few years. Moreover, being a taxi driver is getting more expensive. The risk is always greater and it becomes less profitable.

7. Train driver

We must also pay attention to the drivers in the trade that will disappear in the years to come. This is especially threatened by two main elements that will occur in the years to come. Indeed, many countries has announced that they will introduce autonomous trains in the future. This is part of a logical trend of technological progress. They would be used above all to arm themselves against the competition.

Also pay attention to Hyperloop. This is indeed a train to be able to go more than 1000 km / hour. Thus, he can do Paris-Marseille in less than 1 hour. The next 20 years will define this profession.

8. Receptionist

Japanese group Hitachi has created a robot capable of understanding and responding with recognition and
speech synthesis and to analyze the reactions of the interlocutor. It was named Emiew or Excellent Mobility and Interactive Existence as a Colleague. According to the company, it is designed to keep the company, but can also fulfill all the duties of a receptionist.

9. The doctor and the surgeon

Within a few years, the profession of doctor and surgeon risks no longer existing when the health sensors implanted in each individual make it possible to be aware of the state of health. The machines will also be able to perform surgical procedures, and let’s not forget the diagnostic cabins. In Japan, humanoid robots are taking the place of nannies and nurses.

10. The airplane pilot

Every year, one out of ten US Air Force student pilots is trained on a drone than on a traditional fighter plane. It allows to reduce the budget cost. The profession of military pilot is not the only one to disappear with the arrival of drones, but also the whole profession, because unmanned online planes are already in the deployment phase.

Conclusion Job Professions that will Disappear in the Future

In the end, the robot is now doing almost 29% of your tasks. This figure can still increase in 2026, which is in 5 years. Professions related to new technologies are in full evolution. Many job professions that will disappear in the future. Ready for the middle of the next decade?

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Photo credit: Joshua Woroniecki / Pixabay

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