Digital Nomad Jobs | Benefits, Disadvantages and List of Remote Works

Digital nomad jobs

Digital Nomad Jobs

Combining work and travel, have you always dreamed of it? It may be time for you to become a digital nomad. Before taking the step, and having all the cards in hand for this passage to be a success, we inform you about what a digital nomad is, its advantages, but also its disadvantages. Community manager, web developer or coach, and you, what digital nomad jobs are you tempted by? Discover our top professions to become a digital nomad.

What is a digital nomad?

The digital nomad is a person who does not have a fixed workplace and who moves frequently.

This exercise of nomadic work is made possible thanks to the use of a single easily transportable work tool. This is the computer. A simple internet connection is required to be able to operate it and therefore work.

Becoming a digital nomad means being able to work remotely to travel, and to move regularly from one point to another. Thanks to a job that requires a computer and a good WiFi connection.

The Coronavirus epidemic and confinement have changed working practices. The digitization of jobs now makes it possible to work 100% online.

Some digital nomads choose to become an employee (remote work). With the generalization of telework in companies, everything is possible today. But, it is also possible to be a digital nomad freelancer or entrepreneur.

What are the benefits of becoming a digital nomad?

Becoming a digital nomad has many advantages for employees who are looking for great autonomy in their work.

First of all, the digital nomad is free to organize his work as he wishes: working hours, working day, lunch break… But he is also free to choose his place of work: a coworking space, his place life, a café, the terrace of a hotel… provided that it has a good internet connection (and that it is well installed).

Then, the digital nomad gains in productivity. By choosing his rhythm and his place of work, he favors the environments that will make him efficient. It is a win-win balance for the employee and the company.

What are the disadvantages of digital nomadism?

Adopting this way of working, if it has significant advantages for executives looking for great autonomy, it also means facing constraints, prohibitive for some. Finding clients and/or an employer in teleworking is not necessarily easy. This requires a greater research investment, not being on site. But also to hunt for a company in tune with these new ways of working.

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The second major disadvantage of digital nomadism concerns the corporate culture. The employee who works away from the premises of the company does not rub shoulders with his colleagues or the spirit and values ​​of the company. The risk for the company is to have employees in the workforce who are disconnected from the reality of society, and therefore less attached to it. As a result, job offers to become a digital nomad are rarer.

Those who choose to recruit digital nomads will have to train managers in this new way of working so that they adopt a management style that unites all team members: present and remote.

List of Digital Nomad Jobs

1 – Web editor/Copywriter

The web editor is a real digital nomad. His mission is to write articles, white papers for his employer, on topics defined upstream. The texts will be published on the company’s website, on a blog as well as in a newsletter for example. The web editor can work from anywhere, as long as he has a high-performance computer, a strong WiFi connection and he returns his writings on time.

2 – Web developer

The web developer designs websites, participates in the creation of user interfaces or mobile applications. He can work from anywhere, with a powerful computer and a good internet connection.

Discover all our web developer offers.

3 – Graphic designer

The digital nomad graphic designer takes care of the communication and visual identity of a company on different digital media. He creates logos, posters, or even websites. The condition for exercising this remote nomadic profession: having the various software necessary for creation on your computer.

4 – Community manager/social media manager

Both the community manager and the social media manager can become a digital nomad. Animating your client’s online community, whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and creating engaging content, can be done 100% remotely.

The community manager is responsible for the animation or liveliness of social network platforms. He responds to customers who express themselves via this channel and manages crisis communication in the event of concerns and must show diplomacy and empathy to carry out his task. The community manager also takes care of after-sales communication by reporting to the consumer. Its role is to convey an image corresponding to the identity of the brand through the web.

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5 – Personal development coach

The personal development coach, employed by a company, can be nomadic. With his laptop, he can create a blog remotely and give advice on personal development to company employees. It can also offer distance training or provide advice filmed on YouTube.

6 – Sales engineer: SSII and B2B

The sales engineer has a dual background, technical and commercial, which allows him to offer tailor-made solutions to respond to calls for tenders to which his company applies. This position is essential to bring contracts back to the company and boost turnover.

7 – HR Consultant: Finding digital talents

The HR Consultant is responsible for bringing talent back into the company and finding the profiles that can coexist together to carry out the projects. His vision and abilities should make it possible to create strategies to find talent and make them want to work for the company.

8 – Financial Consultant 3.0

Mainly intended to work in financial organizations, the financial consultant delivers recommendations in the management of the portfolio of a company or individuals. He must ensure the promotion of new financial products to his clientele. He must demonstrate a certain commercial sense and diplomacy.

9 – Multi-channel manager

Working very closely with the Community manager, the multi-channel manager oversees the communication and sales strategy for the brand’s various channels of expression, ensuring that the message is the same for everyone. He must ensure the consistency of strategies through all channels to build customer loyalty and help increase sales.

10 – Web marketing expert

Responsible for digital communication, he also works closely with the multi-channel manager since he is responsible for managing digital marketing. He participates in the implementation of a global marketing strategy. Its role is to increase traffic on the company’s sites, increase conversion rates, lower bounce rates, develop a sales strategy on the net.

11 – Digital transformation consultant

She / he is responsible for the digital strategy of a company. Its role is to design a global strategy of presence on social networks and on the Internet in general so as to achieve the objectives of the brand on the web.

12 – Web developer, CMS, software

In the age of the cloud and SaaS, the web developer is involved in all sectors of activity. The design of automatic checkouts, cloud software, e-commerce sites, new applications, digital transformation tools, necessarily involves one of the many developer profiles.

13 – Responsible for computer security

Like the web developer, his place has grown in the entrepreneurial world. He is responsible for ensuring the security of the computer park, to prevent the databases of a company from being compromised. In the era of digital and industrial espionage, and cyber extortion, its role is to protect customer data.

14 – IT project manager

In the design of new software, the IT project manager is the one who oversees the team in charge of developing the project. He leads a team of developers (sometimes working with different frameworks), graphic designers, integrators, database managers.

15 – R&D engineer

R&D engineers are at the forefront of innovation, particularly in the digital professions. They work on the development of tomorrow’s products that will make the good days of a company, by presenting an innovative aspect.

16 – Digital auditor for SMEs

The role of this consultant is to ensure the level of performance of a company by scrutinizing its operation and identifying any malfunctions. Then it offers reports listing ways to improve what is not working.

17 – Digital actuary (in insurance)

The role of the actuary is to anticipate. It intervenes in the early stages of the design of insurance contracts. He must anticipate the market, events, so as to guarantee good compensation for the insured but also profits for the company.

An actuary is a business professional who analyzes the financial consequences of risk. Actuaries use mathematics, statistics, and financial theory to study uncertain future events, especially those of concern to insurance and pension programs.

18 – Purchasing Manager

The purchasing manager (or the buyer) is responsible for purchasing the products necessary for the proper functioning of the company. He must be able to obtain the most suitable products at the best possible cost.

19 – Financial controller of digital activities

In addition to controlling the company’s finances in an accounting sense, the financial controller ncier is an economic analyst who must establish forecast balance sheets for future financial accounts.

20 – Digital product manager

The product manager must follow the evolution of a product from its conception to its marketing. He must supervise the quality control, ensure the evolution of the costs and the possible profits at the key.

21 – Key account manager

The key account manager is responsible for certain key accounts of the digital company. He must develop a sales strategy and a development plan for each of the accounts for which he is responsible.

22 – Supply chain manager

The exponential development of e-commerce is boosting needs. The RSC must optimize the logistics circuit through its management of warehouses, routing and replenishment of products.

23 – Big data consultant

The big data consultant applies statistical techniques and uses specific computer tools to collect, organize, synthesize and interpret the various information essential for decision-making within a company.

24 – Digital fundraiser

The fundraiser takes care of fundraising for a start-up, an association or a foundation. The latter puts in place the various fundraising strategies and channels so that it is effective.

25 – Motion designer

Are you fond of After Effects? That’s good, you can be a motion designer and a digital nomad!

If I just spoke Chinese to you…

The motion designer is a graphic designer who puts images in motion. Its missions can be varied: explanatory videos, promotional videos, logo animation, credits animation…

With the rise of video on social networks, digital billboards, the explosion of video broadcasting, it’s a job with a future!

26 – Influencer

Influencer often comes first for jobs to be carried out as a digital nomad.

When you are an influencer, you have to have a large audience to hope to live from it and it takes many years and a lot of sacrifices.

Here the content creator favors external brand projects first. You promote advertising, affiliation and partnerships.

So your goal is to have a lot of audience so that brands want to work with you.

Influencers can be independent or be represented by an agent.

27 – Biographer / Ghostwriting

If you love to write but don’t want to build an audience to promote yourself, you can write for others.

In this case, you will most often transcribe the story of a personality to allow him to put words on subjects that are close to his heart.

28 – Website maintenance

You can also be the guardian angel of websites and manage their maintenance: updating, optimization, security, bug management.

This is an additional service that you can offer when selling a website design.

29 – SEO and AD expert (in website referencing)

Your role here is to ensure that your client’s website comes to the top of searches for certain keywords on Google.

The objective is to bring him more qualified visits to his website so that he becomes a reference.

And since there are more and more websites, and more and more conferences, the battle is tough.

An SEO expert can therefore be of great help to many types of businesses that depend on the web to find their customers.

It is a job that does not require seeing its customers in real life and which is carried out entirely from the internet.

Google Ads / Youtube Ads expert

Natural referencing is great, but your client may be in a hurry: he needs to have a lot of visits quickly on his site. This is where advertising on Google or YouTube can help.

But, it is time-consuming and the competition is fierce.

Your client will need to be accompanied by a person who masters all the codes of Google Ads, able to analyze campaigns and spend the advertising budget intelligently.

Facebook / Instagram / TikTok ad expert

Here you will have the same objective for your client as for Google Ads advertisements, except that you will work with Facebook tools.

Your advertisements will be distributed on the group’s social networks on behalf of your customers.

Pinterest expert

Pinterest can be an unsuspected organic traffic channel in some areas.

It can bring up to 30% of visits to a website in certain areas such as childhood, travel, DIY, fashion, design…

But optimizing your site to make it visible on Pinterest can be time-consuming and you have to understand the code. You can therefore develop an expertise on Pinterest and offer your services to bloggers or brands that do not use its potential.

It is recommended that you have a graphic eye to ensure you build quality and standout pins.

You can do this work with your feet in the water from any co-living.

30 – Selling things online
Amazon FBA

Here, you use Amazon resources to build your e-commerce business.

The advantage for you is that you can work from anywhere in the world without a lot of logistical stress since it is Amazon that manages the storage, delivery and return of the products.

On the other hand, you have to be aware that you go through the largest marketplace in the world, so the competition is fierce. If a few years ago it was easy to make a place for yourself, today you have to develop a lot of skills to do well in the game: copywriting, selection of the right products, top-notch customer service…


Dropshipping has very bad press in many countries, because there have been some abuses.

However, the principle is the same as in supermarkets. The idea is that you resell the product made by someone else in your store.

The product is sold through your site. You can optionally customize it.

Dropshipping is problematic when the products sold are counterfeits, poor quality, etc.

But you can do it in a way that respects your client by adding value.

For example, Printflul allows you to print products on demand with your visuals and your brand. They take care of the printing, shipping and delivery. This is an option we have chosen for our online store.

Thus, your customers can order their products and they are created according to their order.

This saves us from having stocks on our hands, from ordering too much and from having a team of pros who manage the delivery for us.

Sell your handmade products on Etsy

Etsy is an ideal platform for creators who want to list their products for sale without having to create their e-commerce site.

In a few clicks, you can offer your products for sale, share your link for examples on our: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook.

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