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The Ark of the Covenant: A Fascinating Biblical Artifact with Mystical Significance (Origins, Symbolism, and Historical Disappearance)

Ark of the Covenant is the trunk or chest which, according to the Bible, contains the Tables of the Law (Ten Commandments) given to Moses on Mount Sinai....
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Protestant Prayer for Forgiveness of Sins | How do I ask God for forgiveness? (Sinner’s Prayer)

Protestant Prayer for Forgiveness of Sins Acknowledging our sins is an important part of our spiritual growth. Unless we acknowledge our sins and ask God’s forgiveness, we cannot receive the grace we need to...
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Christmas Traditions in Europe, Beliefs, Habits, Celebrations and Customs

Famous Christmas Traditions in Europe Here is a quick overview of Christmas traditions in Europe and beliefs in some European countries… Christmas is a family holiday celebrated in all Erupean countries. Despite the similarities,...
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The very first Christmas | Who invented Christmas? Origin of Christmas, the most important Christian holiday

The very first Christmas Every night from December 24 to 25, all over the world, children celebrate Christmas. But where does this tradition come from? Do you know the very first Christmas celebrations? First...
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