Catholic Prayers For The Dead (Deceased Person)

Catholic Prayers For The Dead (Deceased Person)

Catholic Prayers For The Dead

The Church invites its faithful to pray throughout their lives. Here are examples of Catholic prayers for the dead (deceased):

Dear Lord,
I’m praying for [name of the deceased].

He/she has reached the end of his journey on earth, and You welcome him at Your heavenly door.

I want to remember everything we have been through together:
– joys and sorrows, work and leisure,
– hours of friendship and moments of trouble.

If [name of the deceased] has drifted away from You, please forgive him/her.
If he/she follows Your way, the way of love and compassion, we thank you him/her. You are the source of all love.

I pray that you bless [name of the deceased] forever.

Catholic Prayers For The Dead, Prayer for brutal or sudden death

Oh ! Lord help us!

Lord, we find it difficult to accept the death of [name of the deceased] whom we love.
You see us torn apart and dejected far more than we can express.
We turn to you to tell you about our pain and our revolt.
Do not leave us alone in the depths of our sadness.

Help us to endure the despair that comes over us.
You who are a father to all men, you who love us with infinite love, be by our side, help us, give us the strength to rise up.

Welcome [name of the deceased] as a father welcomes in his house.
Give her the peace and happiness you promise all your children.
May his love born on this earth grow with you the better to console us and give us back a taste for life.

May his love united with your own love be a source of strength and courage for us until we finally find him to share your love in the light of your home.

Prayers for parents who have died

“O God who loves our father and mother, in Your mercy have mercy on the souls of my father and mother, and forgive their iniquities and allow me to see them again in eternal light. Amen”.

Catholic Prayers For The Dead (number 2)

Dear Lord, You are our creator, here we are praying for [name of the deceased] who has died.

In this time of pain, our hearts turn to You.

So that You can give us the comfort of hope at a time of separation that feels final to us.

Oh Lord, we pray to You with full confidence.
Because for those who believe in the love of the Father, death cannot be the end of our lives.

Open our hearts to your words of love and life.
Give us light in this time of sorrow,
certainty in our moments of doubt,
comfort in our pain,
and strength in our weakness.


Prayers that we can become stronger after someone dies

Oh Lord,
I felt very empty, lonely and powerless.
I have nothing left of all my happiness,
nothing but silence and absence. It’s all over, dead, senseless.

And in this great black hole,
I also want to disappear forever.
I can’t stand the hopeless look,
drowning in loneliness… God, where are You?
Will you come to save me?
I can’t be alone,
I need your presence
You are my Lord, don’t leave me.

With You who will hold my hand,
on the path of light and new life, I believe I can get out of a very difficult path.


When to pray Catholic Prayers For The Dead

We can of course pray for the deceased at any time. However, there are special moments. A funeral is a particularly suitable time to offer prayers to the deceased. The Church has a habit of celebrating a liturgy during the funeral before the burial of the body, it allows the deceased to hope for a peaceful life after death. While death is often seen as the end of life, Christians consider it to be a passage from earthly life to the hereafter, to eternal life. The Catholic religion is full of faith and hope for the salvation of the souls of the deceased. Praying for the deceased during the funeral also allows those close to the deceased to better welcome mourning.

All Saints Day offers a second opportunity to pray for all the deceased. To celebrate the dead, the graves are decorated with flowers. Celebrating a prayer at this time is part of the Christian faith, pays homage to loved ones who have passed away and offers eternal rest to all the deceased.

What prayers?
It is not always easy to pray for the deceased and choosing prayers is often quite time consuming. Discover a selection of prayers for the deceased, to recite alone, with family or surrounded by your loved ones.

Eternal rest Latin and English

Réquiem ætérnam dona eis Dómine,
and lux perpetua lúceat eis.
Requiéscant in pace. Amen.

“Give them, Lord, eternal rest
And let the light of your face shine on them.
May they rest in peace. Amen”

Prayer to be recited on the death of the deceased

Lord, since you wanted to remind you of your servant (your servant)…………… by imposing on him a difficult death which will however make him better understand the beauty of his current life, accept the prayer that from the bottom of my heart I launch towards you to keep it radiant and raise it further …
I remain hopeful that he will have been a man of good and sacrifice, of self-sacrifice …
May his life have been stretched entirely towards the Good and the Love of his neighbor, towards his loved ones whom he tenderly cherished and towards all those who, in suffering, called for help.

May he have instructed and speak to all who waited…
May he have sought and found…

Accept, Lord, that this prayer made for him, through our love, help him to rise again and make him stronger to return to bring your goodness and your clarity to those who love him and who mourn him.

Forgive, remit his sins since he is on the threshold of his spiritual life.
His earthly time is over and he has reached the last landing where the light is so beautiful that dazzled eyes would like to contemplate and contemplate again the beauty of the divine image…

Grant, Lord, that by his presence he softens the earthly trials of those he loves so much.
Do, Lord, that he may calm the pain of loving hearts.

Lord, give her peace in the sweetness of your love …

Psalm 22

The Lord is my Shepherd: I lack nothing.
On fresh grassy meadows, he makes me rest.

He leads me towards still waters and brings me back to life;
he leads me the right way for the honor of his name.

If I cross the ravines of death, I fear no harm,
for you are with me: your staff guides me and reassures me.

You prepare the table for me before my enemies;
you spread the perfume on my head, my cup is overflowing.

Grace and happiness are with me every day of my life;
I will dwell in the house of the Lord for the duration of my life.

Gospel of John, 14, 1-6

“Let your heart stop being troubled; Believe in God, also believe in me. In my Father’s house there are many mansions; otherwise, I would have told you; I’ll make you a place. And when I’m gone and got you prepared, again I will come and I will take you close to me, so that where I am, you too may be. And from where I’m going, you know the way ”.
Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going. How would we know the way?”
Jesus said to him: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”;

These prayers are only examples that can inspire you, you are of course free to say the prayers you want.

Source: PinterPandai, CatholicUnited States Conference of Catholic Bishops

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