Partnerships, Ads

Partnerships and advertising

Partnerships and Advertising

Become a partner of CleverlySmart and open up to new opportunities. CleverlySmart open for partnerships and advertising.

Advertize on our website

To communicate on one or more of our website, we can offer you different communication levers:

  • Display campaign by global display
  • Display campaign by display targeted by theme
  • Partnership in White-label product or Co-branding

The advertising campaigns broadcast in our website CleverlySmart, which has dedicated spaces for their distribution and which takes care of the negotiations relating to the campaigns (budget, duration, volume, formats, etc.).

Direct partnerships are also possible for targeted communication actions.

Examples of partnerships and advertising:
  • Become an author and write for free for CleverlySmart.
  • We accept the insertion of a sponsored link in an article or a widget/banner on a blog page provided that the service or product is consistent with the editorial line of the blog and that it is interesting and /or beneficial to my readers. Price on request.

We want to develop a unique relationship with each of our partners. Contact us to set up tailor-made partnerships.

For more information, we invite you to contact us using the form provided for this purpose, or to contact our advertising department directly by following this link: Contact US.

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