How many Sajda is there in the Quran and in which Sura is each Sajda?


How many Sajda in Quran?

There are 14 prostrations (act or position of lying with the face down and arms stretched out), Sajda, in the Quran and they are as follows:

1) In Sura Al-A’raf

“Those who are with your Lord [the angels] do not disdain to worship Him. They glorify Him and bow down to Him ”(Verse 206)

2) In Surah The Thunder

“And it is to Allah that bow down, willy-nilly, all who are in the heavens and on the earth, and their shadows, at the beginning and at the end of day ”(Verse 15)

3) In Sura The Bees

“And it is before Allah that every living creature prostrates itself in the heavens and on the earth; as well as the Angels who are not proud. They fear their Lord above them and do as they are commanded. “(Verses 49 and 50)

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4) In Surah The Night Journey

“And they fall on their chin, weeping, and this increases their humility. “(Verse 109)

5) In Sura Mary

“These are those whom Allah has bestowed with favors, among the prophets, among the descendants of Adam, and also among those whom We carried in the company of Noah, and among the descendants of Abraham and Israel, and from those whom We have guided and chosen. When the verses of the Most Merciful were recited to them, they fell prostrate in tears. “(Verse 58)

6) In Sura The Pilgrimage

“Have you not seen that it is before Allah that all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars the mountains, trees, animals, as well as many people? There are also many who deserve punishment. And whoever degrades Allah has no one to honor him, for Allah does what He wills. “(Verse 18)

7) In the same Sura

“O you who believe! Bow down, bow down, worship your Lord, and do good. Maybe you will succeed! “(Verse 77)

8) In Sura Discernment

“And when we say to them: ‘Bow down before the Most Gracious”, they say: “What then is the Most Gracious? Shall we bow down to what Are you commanding us? “- And that increases their repulsion. “(Verse 60)

9) In Sura The ants

“Why do they not bow down to Allah who brings out what is hidden in the heavens and the earth, and who knows what you hide and also what you disclose? Allah! There is no god but Him, the Lord of the Huge Throne. “(Verses 25 and 26)

10) In Sura Prostration

“Only those who believe in Our verses when reminded of them fall prostrate and, with praise to their Lord, celebrate His glory and do not become proud. “(Verse 15)

11) In Surah Detailed Verses

“Among His wonders are night and day, sun and moon: do not bow down to the sun or the moon, but bow down to Allah who created, if it is Him that you worship. But if they are swollen with pride … those who are with your Lord [the Angels] glorify Him, night and day, never tiring! “(Verses 37 and 38)

12) In Surah The Star

“So bow down to Allah and worship Him. “(Verse 62)

13) In Surah The Tearing

“and not to bow down when the Quran is read to them?” “(Verse 21)

14) And finally in Sura The Adherence

“No! Do not obey him; but bow down and draw near ”(Verse 19)

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