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Al quran holy text of islam


The Quran (in Arabic: القُرْآن, al-Qurʾān ?, “the recitation”) is the sacred text of Islam. For Muslims, it takes verbatim the word of God (Allah). This book is to this day the first and oldest authentic literary document known in Arabic; Muslim tradition presents it as the first work in Arabic, with the specific character of inimitability in beauty and in ideas.

For Muslims, the Quran groups together the words of God, revelations (āyāt) made to the last prophet and messenger of God Muhammad (محمد, Muḥammad, “the praised”) from 610–612 until his death in 632 by l Archangel Gabriel (جبريل, Jibrīl).

The Qur’an is sometimes called simply al-kitāb (“the Book”), adh-dhikr (“the Reminder”) or al-furqān (“the Discernment”). In this sense, it is, for Muslims, the expression of an uncreated attribute of God addressed to the intention of all mankind.

The Koran is divided into chapters, called “suras”, 114 in number, the first of which is called Al Fatiha (sometimes translated as “the introductory”, “the prologue”, “the opening”, or even “the mother of delivered”). These suras are themselves composed of verses called āyāt (plural of the Arabic āyah, which means “proof”, but also “sign”, and which we find in particular in the word ayatollah). The verses number 6 2369 for hafs (eastern reading) and warch (western reading).

The conditions of the writing down and then of the canonical fixation of the text which tradition traces back to the third caliph, Uthmān, are still the subject of research and debate among exegetes and historians of the twenty-first century.

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How many Surah (chapter) and Ayat (verses) in the Quran?

The Quran is made up of 114 suras (chapter) of unequal length: the shortest contains 3 verses (ayat) and the longest 286. The Quran contains 6236 verses (ayat). They are presented in a fairly markedly decreasing order of length, and not in the chronological order of the revelations.

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