Sagging Testicles | My balls are hanging down, what should I do?

Sagging testicles

Sagging Testicles

My testicles are hanging down, what should I do? There are surely questions that you have never dared to ask, out of modesty, fear, even shame… Today, we are talking about a new complex on a very intimate part of the anatomy: the hanging or sagging testicles.

Why are my testicles sagging?

Your testicles naturally hang away from your body to keep them at the right temperature for sperm production. Although your body temperature is usually around 37.5 °C, your testicles need to be a few degrees cooler to promote healthy sperm production.

The cremaster muscle reflex controls how close your testicles are to your groin area to keep their temperature constant. Your testicles naturally hang away from the body, but when it’s cold, the cremaster reflex pulls your testicles closer to your groin to keep them warm. Your testicles also tend to come closer to your body when you’re sexually aroused, so they may seem less saggy before or during sex.

Keep in mind that some men just have lower testicles than others. Skin elasticity, which refers to your skin’s ability to stretch and return to its normal state, varies greatly from person to person. The skin also loses elasticity with age, which causes wrinkles and, for many men, sagging testicles.

The phenomenon of sagging or hanging testicles or balls

Some men find that their testicles “hang” a lot, but what factors can explain these differences? According to specialists in the male reproductive system, wearing underpants and in particular underwear which is a little loose which does not support well, can promote this phenomenon of sagging testicles but the impact remains quite limited.

It is necessary to take into account the volume of the testicles. Large testicles will point more towards the ground compared to smaller testicles. But the main factor remains despite everything the advancement in age. With aging, the small fibers that surround the cremaster muscle relax. As the cremaster muscle is the suspensory muscle of the testis, it is it which intervenes to raise or lower the scrotum when there are variations in temperature, and this relaxation induces a more or less marked descent of the testicles.

Some men are very embarrassed when playing sports, when having sex, and it can even be quite painful. It can also promote a wet feeling and maceration problem in the underwear. From a purely aesthetic point of view, these men find that the sagging of their testicles is simply unsightly.

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Towards testicular surgery?

As a preventive measure, you can wear a jockstrap or suspender, over the underwear. It can be found in pharmacies or on the Internet. The jockstrap improves comfort, especially when playing sports.
Otherwise, more radical, there is scrotal lift surgery or bursa lift. This involves removing excess skin from the scrotum to tighten it, to lift it up a bit. This intervention lasts about 45 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis. A treatment aimed at interrupting erections is given to the patient to avoid any tension in the genital tract and allow good healing. The patient must then wear a restraint, a jockstrap for ten days and is deprived of sport for a month.
The scrotum lift or bursa lift is an aesthetic intervention, which is not covered by Social Security. The cost of this surgery is around 3,000 euros, it all depends on the clinic and the surgeon. This intervention is not trivial, it involves risks and must always be weighed against the daily discomfort felt.

Besides the aesthetic aspect, it is very important to consult your doctor if you feel heaviness in the testicles. Always check that there is no suspicious mass. Read also: Testicular Cancer | Symptoms, Stages, Types, Diagnoses, Chances of Surviving, Treatments

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