Out of office messages with examples

Out of office messages with examples, The best away messages for this holiday!

Soon the holidays and this year, you want to make a special message for your contacts in your absence. In addition to the classic email, the rules of which we remind you below, we have concocted a selection of the out of office messages to inspire you!

Classic email

Here are 5 essential points for a USEFUL and successful out of office messages:

  • Specify the dates of your absence / your return
  • Who to contact in an emergency / how to contact you in an emergency
  • Sign with the contact details of your colleagues / your contact details (even availability times)
  • If your customers or partners speak another language, translate your message
  • Final checks: no faults? no errors in the text?

You are now ready to pack your bags!

Unusual mail

For the nonchalant (someone who is relaxed and calm in a way that shows that they do not care or are not worried about something)

Officially: Hello, I am currently on leave and will not be able to check my emails until I return on xxx. Unofficially: I obviously have access to my messages on my phone, but I pretend I don’t know because I’m on vacation.

For the hippies

What? You are still here ? You are not going to stay planted in front of your computer all these holidays! Go away, go on vacation, and we’ll talk when I get back on xx/xx/xx.

For those allergic to emails

I am currently unavailable. For any urgent or important questions, please contact one of my line managers, Mrs. Mxx or Mr. xx. If your question is neither urgent nor important, ask yourself why you are emailing me.

All Star Game Special

I am currently out of the office due to a family issue. My decoder is out of order and there’s an All Star Games semi-final tonight. No way am I watching it on Eurosport. I won’t be reachable on my phone line either, I have to call the hotline.

For the tanned

Hello, I left to take my pill until xx/xx. As this message will damn annoy you, you who bleach at the office, I send you something to make me forgive: a special Sun playlist. It was nothing!

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For those who already see themselves there

Hello, I am currently on leave from xx/xx to xx/xx. For emergencies, please contact the 3rd deckchair on the right, yellow parasol and striped bikini.

For the pranksters

Riddle: I will be absent from Saint Alphonse to Saint Kolbe. I’ll let you guess when you will receive a return to your email. Have a good day!

For the great lords

I went between mountains and beaches until the xx. Hey, since you’re here, I strongly suggest you read this book that I devour by the swimming pool of the holiday village (photo in support).

For the mathematicians

I am not one of those 26% people who work on vacation, but I am one of those 65% of people who go on vacation. Don’t worry, your email will be part of the 14% of emails read at the beginning of January!

Few humorous phrases to add to your out of office messages:
  • I am away until [date]. In case of emergency, contact 18.
  • I am absent from [date] to [date]. All emails received during this period will be automatically destroyed.
  • Error 404: your email could not be sent. Please try again after [date].
  • Currently in family team building. I will be back on [date].

We tried to find original emails, now it’s up to you! Go a little effort before leaving the office 😉

How to put an out of the office on Gmail

Let’s start with the purely technical part of activating the away message.

We use the term “technical” for style… But overall, activating a Gmail away message is not complicated and only takes a few minutes.

To configure your absence email, you must (in order, of course):
  1. Open Gmail on your computer;
  2. At the top right, click on the toothed wheel that symbolizes the parameters then choose “See all parameters”;
  3. Scroll down to the “Auto-reply” section, then check the “Auto-reply enabled” box;
  4. Fill in the start and end dates, checking that they coincide with those of your absence;
  5. Give a subject to your message and write the content (you will find examples in the last part). You can choose between text only options, or advanced formatting if you feel like an artist;
  6. Check (or not) the box “Send a reply only to people in my contacts” if you want this Gmail away message to be sent only to your contacts;
  7. Click on the “Save changes” button, and presto: your absence email is configured!
    As you can see, the manipulation is very simple and does not require a doctorate in computer science.

To find all the useful information (in particular how to set up an out-of-office message on Android, iPhone or iPad), we invite you to consult the Automatic response in case of absence section of the Gmail help center.

If you are in doubt (these are things that happen), you can always enter your question in the search bar of this help center, where many answers are listed.$

How to configure out of office messages in Outlook

As you can imagine: putting an Outlook vacation message is not complicated either.

Here is how to activate it before you leave for a long weekend, vacation or maternity leave:

In reality, two options are possible, depending on the version of Outlook you are using;

Situation number 1: you are using a version of Outlook in which the “Automatic replies” button appears in the “Account information” section. In this case, you need:
  1. Open Outlook;
  2. Click on the “Automatic replies” button;
  3. Check “Send automatic replies” (knowing that you will have to uncheck this option when you return), or indicate the start and end dates and times for sending your Outlook absence email;
  4. In the “Within my organization” tab, enter the content of the message that will be sent to people inside the organization;
  5. In the “Outside my organization” tab, write the message intended for contacts outside the organization (we advise you to check the “My contacts only” option);
  6. Then click on the “OK” button at the bottom of the dialog box to save the settings;
  7. Note that to deactivate your absence message on your return from vacation, two solutions are available to you: either follow the same path as on the outward journey, or click on the “Deactivate” button which appears roughly under the ribbon of your mailbox.
Situation number 2: you are using a version in which the “Automatic replies” button does not appear.

In this case, we invite you to consult the instructions for using rules to create an out of office message; you’ll see, it’s vintage but it still works very well (as well as a 1995 Renault Clio).

Here too if you have any doubts, we invite you to consult the Microsoft support dedicated to Outlook. Whatever your question (“What color is Henri IV’s white horse?” doesn’t count), you are bound to find an answer.

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