Newborn Baby Equipments – Essential List

Newborn baby equipments

Newborn Baby Equipments

Don’t wait maybe your best friend will give it to you! This child’s accessory will be essential as soon as you return from labor with your newborn. Which one? We tell you everything for newborn baby equipments, supplies and a list of things you need to buy.

Breastfeeding equipment

What equipment should I buy? Focus on the essential breast milk products.

1 manual (for occasional use) or electric breast pump (available for rent)
5 to 6 storage jars with suitable nipples
1 to 2 medium sized bottles
2 to 3 nursing bras
1 pack of breast pads (washable or disposable)
2 care shells
5 saliva or cloth aprons

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“Non-essential” accessories:
There is no need to buy a breast pump machine. If you can just rent it.
Breast tips: no need to buy it before. This is a very specific product designed for a specific problem. It is better to seek advice from a breastfeeding specialist before making any purchase
Nursing pillow: mothers on a budget can replace it with a bolster.

Here are the essentials for bottle feeding your baby:
6 medium sized bottles with age-appropriate nipples
1 bottle warmer
1 bottle drainer / bottle dryer rack
1 box of baby formula, according to age
1 bottle brush
5 saliva aprons

Sterilizer, not essential:
Most experts today agree that there is no point in sterilizing bottles of healthy newborn babies. Better thorough cleaning than “rush” sterilization.

Baby equipment guide for outings:
1 stroller can be used from birth
1 rain cover
1 blanket
1 baby carrier (classic cloth carrier or baby carrier backpack)
1 changing bag
If you have a car: 1 seat shell or carrycot

Nursery: sleeping essential supplies

Small or large, the nursery is a real cocoon that must be equipped with care. Before buying anything, take a quick look at the list of items you need to buy.

Tips for a quiet night:
1 baby cot
2 to 3 sleeping bags (more or less thick depending on the season)
1 to 2 mattress pads
2 to 3 sheets of bed sheet

Side accessories for the nursery:
Bed bumpers and blankets: they are highly discouraged by professionals because of the risk of suffocation (or sudden infant death)
Night light: why not if your budget allows it
Baby monitors: can be a valuable ally if you have a large apartment or house

Decoration or accessories:
A must-have before going to bed, a decorative accessory in the nursery. Such as small lamps, bird hangers or other small toys.

Baby clothes: newborn baby equipments

Do not buy too much, because it will only be used for a short time. Before your baby is born, consider buying:

4 to 5 pajamas
5 to 6 long or short sleeve bodysuits, depending on the season
1 pair of sandals
1 pair of shoes
3 pairs of socks
2 to 3 clothes for going out
1 small warm beanie hat
1 pair of gloves (which can also be replaced by a pair of socks. Tucked into their tiny hands, preventing the baby from scratching himself in the first few days)
1 to 2 sweaters or cotton, depending on the season
1 jacket
2 caps

For fun add:
Special occasion attire
Whatever you like

Bathroom: newborn supplies

Bathroom must-have essentials for your newborn:

1 bathtub and / or 1 shower deck chair
1 changing table or table with mattress
1 baby thermometer
1 bathroom thermometer
1 baby shower gel and shampoo
1 baby soap
1 pack compress and biseptin for umbilical cord care
1 cotton pack (or gloves)
1 box of physiological saline solution for nose wash
1 pack of newborns (or a pack of washable diapers)
2 to 3 towels or bathrobes
1 hair comb
1 baby scissors

A little extra to pamper baby’s skin:
– Tissue: appreciated by mothers at changing times, during events
– Massage oil or cream, for those who want to massage their little one

Important thing:
At birth, oil or body lotion is not always necessary. The nurse only recommends water and cotton wool (or gloves).

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Photo credit: Pixabay

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