Tips For Saving Money When Your Baby Arrives

Tips For Saving Money When Your Baby Arrives

Tips For Saving Money When Your Baby Arrives

Your term is approaching and between the purchase of baby equipment, diapers or even clothes, you fear that you will not be able to keep your budget! Our advice and tips for saving money when your baby arrives is very important.

The birth of a baby is expensive for parents, who must plan an additional budget that they were not used to before. Some childcare items such as strollers, cribs, car seats, and many other products are essential to properly welcome your newborn. But, good news, tips can reduce the bill, without depriving you. Our advices :

1 – Know your rights

Parents benefit from your state national aid or insurance. (if applicable). This financial assistance adapted to your situation will allow you to deal with the first purchases linked to the arrival of your baby. To be eligible, do not forget to send your declaration to the Caf at the end of the 14th week of pregnancy. Check with the Caf to learn more about your rights, but also about your mutual. You will thus be able to better adapt the guarantees of your complementary health insurance according to your needs and those of your child.

2 – Buy together

While there is no shortage of testimonials to denounce the abuses of group buying, let us recognize that some opportunities may be worth it. Popularized by behemoths like Groupon, group buying tends to develop in the field of childhood, to the delight of parents who want to save money. Recently launched, Le Club des parents is inspired by the approach. He negotiates discounts with major childcare brands based on the size of his community.

3 – Childcare and clothing: we recover!

The purchase of childcare equipment represents the biggest budget when it comes to a first child. But at birth, certain items are essential. Find out from those close to you: does your sister or cousin have a stroller that she no longer uses? The baby cot has become too small for his son? Ask him to lend it to you or sell it back to you at low cost. In short, collect as many childcare items as possible around you. The same goes for clothes. Newborns don’t really have time to enjoy it, so they might as well be carried from family to family.

4 – Plan a birth list

Are your loved ones asking you what you would like to receive as a birth gift? Take the opportunity to create a birth list, with several items for all budgets. Then select the products you will really need, other than the bodysuits and soft toys that you will certainly receive in duplicate, or even in triplicate at the maternity hospital.

5 – Avoid buying unnecessary products

They would like us to believe that baby phones connected to our smartphones are essential for the safety of newborns, but they are mainly used to reassure stressed parents. Also, if you’re on a budget, ask yourself the right questions. Do you really need, in the first days, a bottle warmer, a Babycook or an ultra sophisticated night light? Conversely, trust the products that seem essential to you after childbirth, when you return home:

6 – Anticipate with the sales!

Depending on the term of your delivery, take advantage of the sales to buy what you need. Perhaps this is the opportunity to stock up on promotional bodysuits, warm coats and pajamas which will be very useful for the coming winter?

We take advantage of the winter sales to buy a stroller!
Are you pregnant or have you just given birth? Take advantage of the sales to buy a stroller, essential for the birth of a baby. This childcare item represents a cost for families, so we do not hesitate to do good business.

7 – Get into DIY

Are you a bit creative? Take advantage of your pregnancy to decorate your baby’s room yourself. With three times nothing, you can completely create a blanket, a photo frame, or even a pretty fresco above your bed … And if you like knitting, why not prepare a pretty handmade trousseau for baby?

8 – Organize a baby shower

Of course, this is not the purpose of the baby shower, but by organizing a little party with girlfriends while expecting baby, it is also an opportunity to receive some birth gifts, which will be very useful to you at birth.

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