Most Luxurious First Class Airlines in the World

most luxurious first class airlines in the world

Most Luxurious First Class Airlines in the World

Only 5% of the world’s population has ever flown the most luxurious first class airlines in the world, so you’re lucky if you’ve flown at least once in your life. However, for certain privileged passengers, flying is another dimension. If you’re curious about the fantasy world of first class, or you’re a frequent flyer looking for a new experience, this list is for you! Below we have established the ranking of the 8 most luxurious first class cabins in the world, hard to appreciate the economy after that!

1st place: Etihad Airways

The big winner of the most luxurious first class cabins is none other than Etihad Airways! The windows are there to remind passengers that they are in the air, because in its “apartment cabin”, the airline welcomes you like at home. You probably won’t want to land!

Meals: the chefs on board are there to satisfy all the desires of their customers. Just ask what you want and they’ll run custom recipes, based on fresh produce from the “flying kitchen”.

Price: for a France-New Zealand round trip, count €8,000*

The extras: Private apartment with armchair, bed, dressing table and shower on board! The six available apartments are interconnected so you can share yours with a travel companion.

2nd place: Emirates

On the second step of our podium we find Emirates! If the airline benefits from a high-end brand image, flying first with Emirates is a luxury you never imagined you would need!

Meals: A gourmet menu is offered to passengers, they can enjoy it in their private suite or share it with their next-door neighbors in the common lounge.

Price: for a France-New Zealand round trip, count €8,000*

Extras: Transfer from the airport to your cabin is in a Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan. A fully enclosed private suite awaits you on board, virtual windows appear and to order food or drink, video chat with the crew is available!

3rd place: Lufthansa

The first place on the podium is occupied by Lufthansa. Recognized as one of the largest European airlines, Lufthansa is gradually abandoning first class cabins. Luckily for the luckiest travellers, there are still plenty of first class tickets available!

Meals: The airline offers cuisine adapted to the flavors of your destinations. For example, you can enjoy a supreme of chicken with black feathers, accompanied by tomato butter and mini zucchini or even a wild garlic risotto.

Price: for a France-New Zealand round trip, count €6,000*

Extras: Access to an additional lounge with shower, unlimited meals and drinks as well as a nap area. And because luxury knows no bounds, you are driven to the plane… in a Porsche!

4th place: Air France

Air France sneaks in at fourth place in our top 8. Their first-class “La Première” offer is an experience you won’t soon forget, especially if you’re a big fan of French cuisine! Oh la la…

Meals: Air France offers one of the largest wine and champagne lists in the sky! From wine to meals, including plates, all products are selected with the greatest care by specialists in their fields. Indeed, the airline surrounds itself with starred chefs, the best sommeliers in the world, and great designers!

Price: for a round trip between France and New Zealand, count €12,500*

Extras: 1.80 m bed, Carita brand beauty products available, high quality cotton bathrobe, television screens.

5th place: Singapore Airlines

Singapore is a nation known for its ability to innovate, so it’s no surprise that Singapore Airlines is ranked fifth in our luxury rankings! Singapore Airlines is on of the most luxurious first class airlines in the world

Meals: passengers can order their menu up to 24 hours before flying. Exceptional chefs cook for you typical or “international” dishes according to your desires.

Price: for a France-New Zealand round trip, count €6,000*

Extras: Mood lighting, extra-wide seat, free WiFi, 24-inch TV and total privacy.

6th place: ANA All Nippon Airways

All Nippon Airways (also known as ANA or Zennikkū) comes 6th in our ranking. As Japan’s largest airline, All Nippon Airways has invested in “customer experience” and it has paid off!

Meals: With delicious food and wine selected by experts, this airline leaves nothing to chance!

Price: for a round trip New York-Tokyo (distance similar to a Paris → Auckland flight), count 20,000 €* (yes!)

Extras: 23” LCD touch screen, free WiFi, Samsonite amenity kits, organic cotton blankets and a sliding door to turn the cabin into a secluded suite.

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7th place: Cathay Pacific

Renowned for its long-haul connections across Hong Kong, flying first class with Cathay Pacific might have you addicted to luxury living.

Meals: International or Chinese tasting menus are presented to passengers, and the choice is very wide. On the menu: caviar, Angus beef sirloin or Portobello mushroom. As you will have understood, Cathay Pacific makes it a point of honor to choose exceptional products!

Price: for a round trip France-New Zealand, count €6,500*

The extras: among many others, a private suite, a bed and a 500-thread-count duvet… The icing on the trip: the staff prepares your bed, all you have to do is slip into it for a night unforgettable in the air.

8th place: Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways opens our luxury ranking! If the airline is at the bottom of our list, the video below proves that flying first with Qatar Airways is far from being an unpleasant trip!

Meals: The airline offers pre-selected meals, allowing passengers to choose what they want to eat in advance, from an a la carte menu. The menu varies according to the destination.

Price: for a round trip between France and New Zealand, count €7,500*

The extras: seats convertible into a bed, more than 4,000 entertainment options on 19-inch screens, facial treatments, as well as free pajamas!

*price of plane tickets compared over the same period, for a return flight Paris (FR) – Auckland (NZ), for one person.

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Photo credit (main picture): Author: Shahram Sharifi (GFDL 1.2), Source: via Wikimedia Commons

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