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Pak the merge most expensive NFT

The Most Expensive NFT

Non-fungible tokens, now internationally known as NFTs, have been a resounding success since March 2021. Their global craze, sometimes described as absurd by some, causes a very costly fascination among its followers. Thus, Crypto Art has been enriched with works whose acquisition prices are reaching peaks. Watch out, here are the most expensive NFT in the world:

1. The Merge – US$ 91.8 million

On December 4, 2021, pseudonymous artist Pak (an artist collective) broke the record for the most expensive NFT in the world held so far by artist Beeple.

Thus, the work The Merge was sold for 91.8 million dollars on the Nifty Gateway site, one of the most important NFT marketplaces on the market.

Like a dematerialized puzzle, the work The Merge is thus divided into 266,445 digital units shared between 28,983 buyers.

Pak the merge most expensive NFT
Pak – The Merge. Most expensive NFT. Courtesy: The Merge / Niftygateway

2. Everyday: The First Five Thousand Days – US$ 69.3 million

Until December 2021, it was therefore the work Everyday: the first five thousand days, designed by the artist “Beeple” Mike Winkelmann, which held the record for the most expensive NFT in the world.

The work here consists of a collection of images assembled over 5,000 consecutive days. It was thus sold at auction by Christie’s for 69,346,250 dollars.

Buyer Vignesh Sundaresan is now the proud owner of this anthology work. The closest offer to his was Justin Sun’s offering to buy Everyday: the first five thousand days for $60.2 million.

Courtesy: Everydays: the First 5000 Days by Mike Winkelmann (a.k.a. Beeple) source: New York Times via Wikipedia

3. Human One – US$ 28.9 million

In November 2021, Beeple again achieves an NFT sale that ranks among the three most expensive in the world. This work, called Human One, was thus acquired for a total of 28,985,000 dollars. Here, Beeple has created an evolving 3D sculpture that represents, for the moment, a silver cosmonaut.

Thus pushing the instability of the NFT to its climax, the artist is committed to developing his work according to his desires and moods. The world of NFT is therefore waiting to know the next evolution of the work during its future update.

4. CryptoPunk 7523 – US$ 11.75 million

Authors Matt Hall and John Watkinson are behind Larva Labs’ Ape collection, a series of 24 punks, all of which are sold at particularly high prices.

The most expensive work in this collection, CryptoPunk 7523, was acquired by Shalom Meckenzie for $11.75 million on Natively Digital.

This specific work thus stood out thanks to its surgical mask which gives it a unique appearance, and which directly echoes the Covid 19 health crisis.

5. CryptoPunk 3100 – US$ 7.58 million

Matt Hall and John Watkinson’s series of punks largely dominate Crypto Art. The proof with the CryptoPunk 3100, acquired for 7.58 million dollars in March 2021.

The main characteristic of the work here is based on the white and blue headband worn by the CryptoPunk. A detail absent from all the other works in the series.

Note: the owner of the CryptoPunk 3100 has relisted it for $90.5 million. If sold at this price, the work will become the second most expensive piece of digital art in the world.

Sources: PinterPandai, Nifty Gateway, Ocula, Christie’s

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