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Leo zodiac horoscope

Leo Zodiac (July 23 – August 22)

Leo character (July 23 – August 22) is linked to the element of fire, the Leo Zodiac likes to show off, discuss, play. He thinks big and is not satisfied with small things. The celebrity who best represents him is Madonna! Unlike Cancer, he loves light! The Leo needs passion to live, otherwise he gets bored. He loves everything that glitters, everything that binds him to the sun, his mother planet! Mila Kunis, an American actress, is of this sign. His physique, luscious, expresses the generous side of the Lion!

The character of the lion
Born between July 23 and August 23, the heat of summer is noticeable in Leo. People born under the zodiac sign of Leo are strong-willed, passionate and dynamic. To take action and move forward in their lives, Lions will need to set very rigorous goals. Eternals in a hurry, their pace of life is intense and it will be difficult for them not to be noticed! Curious by nature, they have a great thirst for learning.

Thanks to their social qualities, Lions enjoy outings of all kinds. They will shine as much in society as in everyday life. Always at the center of their groups of friends, they need those around them to feel good. Lions easily gain the sympathy of their associates by means of their great generosity, they will be surrounded by admirers constantly. Their great self-confidence allows them to easily show off, to be proud, strong and determined.

Lions also have a warm personality. They are big-hearted people who usually feel the need to take action to solve any problem in the world. Finally, the natives of Leo have a robust mind and an iron health!

To remember about the character of Leo: the Leo man, or the woman born under this astrological sign, have the good fortune to have come into the world under the most royal sign of the Zodiac. Like the animal that represents its symbol, Lions like to be admired and know how to show off. His pride and the determination he displays in his actions make Leo a domineering being. He has a penchant for all that is grand, and even that which is flashy. Endowed with a generous character in general, he attracts sympathy. But he does not hide his anger if he does not get what he wants. Leo is disciplined and imposes this behavior on others when he has a goal to achieve. If the Leo is authoritarian, he is not mean because his sense of responsibility pushes him to get fully involved in everything he does. Recognized for his loyalty and kindness, he is however capable of infantile sulkiness in the event of dissatisfaction!

Idealist, the Leo cannot be satisfied with half measures, to the point of showing intolerance. Imbued with his personality, he misuses his will and his sense of power, going as far as excess and ostentation. Exuberant like no other, the Leo is a great enthusiast and the dedication he shows for a task he has chosen is exemplary. If stability is the fixed sign of Leo, firmness and generosity are its main qualities.

The qualities of Leo Zodiac

Your kindness

At the best of times, the courageous Leo is strong and has an amazing and protective attitude towards his friends. They care deeply about their loved ones.

Your optimism

Leo is an optimist who can see the bright side. They are optimists who are always able to find the positive side of any situation, and would rather revel in the good than dwell on the bad.

Your kindness

They are always ready to help a loved one in need and will go out of their way to ensure that those they love the most are happy. Leos have a compassionate heart and tend to be extremely kind and generous creatures.

Your loyalty

If there is one thing you can say about Leo for sure, it’s that they are some of the most loyal people you will ever meet. You will never be disappointed with their loyalty which you can strain.

Your honesty

Leo people are very honest. They tend to be extremely direct. With a Leo, you can be sure that you always know where you are at.

The sign Leo in love

In love, the Leo woman arouses admiration and attracts attention. She enjoys flirting, but above all wants to be admired. The more a man resists her charm, the more she will be attracted to him. Once seduced, the Leo woman proves to be extremely loyal and loyal. Very maternal, she protects her family with conviction. In order for her to feel good in her relationship, she will have to escape the routine! The Leo woman has an irresistible chic edge. She is in constant search of satisfaction and pleasure.

The Leo man is a very charming seducer, but he is unaware of it. When he gets noticed, he goes with great enthusiasm to conquer his sweetheart. Indeed, he likes to please and needs a lot of attention. Romantic, faithful and passionate, he seeks a woman capable of fulfilling all the roles: lovers, mother and friend. The woman of his dreams will be treated with great gentleness. Faithful to any test, no unpleasant surprises with him! Straightforward and honest, Leo is a balanced person. His generosity makes him a valuable person who will not hesitate to shower you with gifts.

To remember in love: when in love their fidelity is flawless, very easily depressed because his superb is extinguished with the sentimental intrigues. Narcissistic at will, the natives of this astrological sign find it hard to go unnoticed. Endowed with great energy and an exciting optimism, his courage helps him achieve his ends. Frank and straightforward, unambiguous, unpleasant surprises are rare with him as he is well balanced and simple in his behavior. But his rather naive side around the edges does not protect him from the shenanigans of which he may be a victim. And yet, the blows of fate do not destabilize him. Often taking themselves for the navel of the world, the Leo has this annoying tendency to need to be respected. Ambitious and creative, he runs after success and social prestige. Sometimes, with his too excessive arrogance, he infuriates those around him.

Discover in detail the personalities of the Leo Zodiac

The iron health of the lion

On the health side, the Leo often enjoys a solid constitution and in general diseases do not have a great hold on him. Endowed with an iron mind, the Leo is impervious to a nervous breakdown, but his too great emotivity can play unfortunate tricks on him. Little attentive to the care of his person, the Lion neglects himself, his attraction for sports activities however allows him to keep in shape.

Professional career

You will enjoy making efforts. Thanks to your diligence and concentration, your superiors will be happy with your work.

In love: this year you will take a good direction in your emotional life. If you are already in a relationship, you will rediscover the desire to captivate your partner. Your tender moments will thus be more and more frequent, sensuality and erotic pleasures being back. Your partner will remember the beginnings of your relationship, which will overwhelm them with happiness and enthusiasm.

Health level

Your priority will be to be in good shape! For this, you will indulge in regular sports sessions, whether you are a man or a woman.


You will have surprises that will catch your attention. Your generous side will make you want to please your loved ones while mastering your wallet perfectly.


You will always be looking for a mark of affection. Your children and your partner will happily prove to you that they care about you and how important you are to them. You will get together for the holiday season and you will have great pleasure in making your family happy.

9 things to know about this astrological sign

Celebrities: Alfred Hitchcock, Mike Jagger, Fidel Castro, Napoleon, Madonna, Audrey Tautou were born under the sign of Leo.
His numbers: 8 and 9 are beneficial to him.
His planet: the sun.
The favorite metals of the Leo astrological sign: gold and diamonds.
Its colors: yellow, orange and red.
His day: Sunday sometimes smiles on the lion.
Lucky charm: Amber and yellow diamond brings him luck.
The predominant element: fire.

Compatibility of Leo and other signs

The opposite zodiac sign is Aquarius. His astrological compatibility with Aries and Sagittarius is proven, but Leo is less suited to Taurus, Scorpio and Aquarius.

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