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Cancer zodiac horoscope

Cancer Zodiac (June 22 – July 22)

Cancer’s character hide in the water like crayfish! With a calm temperament, cancer zodiac have to know how to leave them alone! Because at the slightest fear, they slip inside their shell! With their pincers, they cling to the past. They are nostalgic and sensitive people. They like to be closer to their family, more than to widen their circle of friends. Discreet, they have an artistic flair, but don’t like spotlights! This is also the case of Eva Green, a French actress who made her debut in the theater.

Cancer profile and character traits

The astrological sign of Cancer sees the sun enter the constellation of the signs of the Zodiac between June 22 and July 22. Its astrological symbol is that of the Crab.

Cancer has a personality endowed with a very sensitive sensitivity. This makes him very intuitive and more insightful than the average zodiac sign. Nothing escapes him, consciously or not, moreover, and he has complete confidence in his feeling. Of a whole character, love tends to multiply, like a formidable catalyst, its qualities. He then has unfailing loyalty and becomes very protective. Seductive with those around him, he also needs to feel indispensable. This prompts him to avoid conflicts or to find an effective solution quickly. He may seem susceptible at first, but above all he is a person in perpetual search for harmony and security in his personal and professional life. He particularly likes a stable and loving entourage. His family and friends are the center of his world. Persevering, he puts all his heart and all his soul into what he undertakes. He never gives up until he has reached his goal. He knows what he wants and does everything to get it. His imagination and creativity are his best allies, in his moments there. He is ultimately simply looking for a peaceful and happy life.

In summary: the character of Cancer: The main qualities of the personality of Cancer are sensitivity, the need to protect and loyalty. Her greatest desire is a harmonious family life. Those born in Cancer are very relevant and often very intuitive. Their sensitivity and attention to others is remarkable. Melancholy in character, they appreciate security and meditation. They like tranquility and are very attentive to their close entourage as well as to their family circle.

The Cancer woman or the Cancer man are very simple people and prefer things that are healthy and pretty at the same time. Sensitive individuals, they are deeply affected by any unpleasant attitude on the part of others and can be very sensitive. All their life, they seek to avoid or resolve situations of tension or conflict, fleeing arguments … until they are sometimes cowardly…

Due to their tender and compassionate nature, Cancer is difficult to impose in a harsh and realistic world. It is communion, identification with his immediate entourage, his home or his workplace that matters most to him, he wants to be called upon and loved. Cancers are also ready to make all kinds of compromises to please others, in friendship, as in love. But once angry, it is hardly affordable and reconcilable. Loving and caring parents, they are often demanding, stuffy and domineering, they like to be needed their presence and their care.

The Cancer astrological sign symbolizes internalization, fertility, motherhood, the return to the past in search of the origin and source of everything. Cancer being sensitive, he must feel safe, hence his attachment to the home, to the family where he finds the warmth and support he needs. And to maintain this serenity they can show an excessive sensitivity turning to pessimism and going so far as to be possessive, with an exaggerated jealousy. The natives of Cancer can then be capricious, timid, changeable and sometimes a tad whimsical.

The qualities of cancer zodiac

Your creativity

People who are native to the sign Cancer are fortunate to have vivid imaginations, which can turn a word into a story in just a few minutes. It is therefore not surprising that they are often hailed as geniuses of creation.

Your kindness

Emotional strength will always define the main strength and characteristic of Cancer. He is an emotional, caring and compassionate person, which makes him an exceptional friend. Cancers are known for their loyalty but also for their emotional depth and parental instinct.

Your sense of loyalty

Cancer is most concerned when it comes to having a secure and faithful relationship. He loves home and family and is only happy when he forms deep emotional bonds. Cancer is usually a great nourisher in that it takes good care of everyone it cares about.

Your love

Cancer is a very loving and caring person. The most sensitive sign of the zodiac, Cancer does everything with love in mind and in heart. It is for this reason that they are the most tender lovers.

Cancer is a lover of love

Naturally romantic, he will know, at each stage of the life of his couple, how to cultivate the best of himself to keep the spark within his relationship. He is a capable being extraordinary adaptation when it affects his affect. This makes it all the more endearing. He is a gentle and tender individual who will flourish even more if he feels confident. He has empathy, kindness and listening to make his spouse happy. He himself will mature in this relationship if he feels it to be stable. A bit conservative, he will be ready to evolve if necessary, to defend those he loves. His originality is a great strength to fight against the monotony of everyday life and with him no risk of getting bored. For example, he can take the Kamasutra in a bedside book. Or conversely, to be chaste for a long time if that can improve your personal life. Always trying to please, he will amaze and pleasantly surprise his half. However, he is fragile, unconsciously insecure of himself. He must be reassured often. Patient and faithful, he knows how to listen and comfort. But he also knows how to take action to face the vagaries of life. His only goal is that his couple comes out more united.

Discover in detail the personalities of the Cancer Zodiac

Cancer health

When it comes to health, Cancer is too emotional and somatizes very easily, especially in the stomach. The weak points of this astrological sign are the chest and he often has digestive problems. The annoyances then have a direct impact on the upper part of the abdomen. He is prone to nervousness and anxieties as soon as he loses his footing in a given situation. So when he can no longer identify with his work, his performance decreases.

Change is inviting both in the sentimental and professional fields. For singles it is the opportunity to find a soul mate. Short-lived adventures will leave a bitter taste, and these sentient beings will seek a serious and lasting relationship. For couples, it will be a year to strengthen bonds. And even to tighten them if necessary.

In terms of work, the year risks pushing Cancers to feel good in their professional environment, even if it means disrupting a lot of things. Career developments, various and varied projects, everything will be good for Cancer to feel in total symbiosis with his work. Even if it means finding a new job more suited to its ropes. No change will frighten him. He will be open to all opportunities and will move forward like never before.

This year will particularly favor the positive development of this sign. He will have the wind in his sails and will be able to navigate smoothly towards a general well-being. Nothing will seem able to stop him and it is his heart that will decide in the end. This is the year of all possibilities. What Cancer wants, Cancer can.

10 things to know about this astrological sign

Famous Cancer men or women: Louis Armstrong, Yul Bruner, Lady Diana.
Its element is: water.
His planet is: the Moon. This controls emotions and intuitive behavior, which is why Cancer is sensitive and emotional, but since she also embodies femininity-motherhood, the world of feelings and psychic forces, the water-moon combination makes Cancer is an intuitive person with a keen awareness of people.
Its numbers are: 17-30-5-4-13; the lucky numbers on 3 and 7.
Its precious metal: silver.
Its mineral: moonstone.
His precious stone: the pearl.
Its colors are: white, black, silver and blue.
His day of the week: is Monday.

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