It Rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter | Why it happenes?

It rains diamonds on saturn and jupiter

Why it Rains Diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter?

It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter due to the extreme conditions of their atmospheres. Both planets have very high temperatures and atmospheric pressures, as well as strong winds.

Diamonds are formed from carbon, which is present in large quantities in the atmospheres of Saturn and Jupiter. When temperatures and pressures are high enough, carbon condenses into solid particles and turns into diamonds.

These diamonds then fall through the atmospheric layers of the planet, pulled by gravity. Along the way, they are subjected to tremendous forces, including supersonic winds, which swirl them around and polish them into spherical shapes.

Although diamonds are present in the atmosphere of both planets, they are not easily accessible. The extreme conditions of their atmosphere and the enormous distance that separates us from these planets make their collection very difficult, if not impossible with current technology.

Saturn, known for its rings, is a gaseous planet and the sixth planet revolving around the Sun.
Jupiter has rings, like Saturn. However, those of Jupiter are very thin, barely visible.

Rings and diamonds

For centuries, astronomers have been fascinated by Saturn. It has been recognized as the most precious jewel of our solar system, one of the most beautiful planets. While the rings surrounding it are already a source of fascination, it is even more amazing to realize that it is raining diamonds on Saturn! Atmospheric data discovered in 2012 have allowed us to better understand this phenomenon.

Since carbon is abundant on this giant, gaseous planet, storms and thunderstorms turn methane into soot; as it falls, it hardens into pieces of graphite, then into rare diamonds! These “hailstones” of diamonds eventually melt into a liquid sea of lava in the planet’s hot cores. Measuring approximately one centimeter, these diamonds are so prestigious that even the biggest celebrities would dream of wearing one.

How many diamonds are created on Saturn? About 1000 tons of diamonds per year! The Aykhal diamond mine in Russia, known to be the largest diamond mine in the world, contains approximately 175.56 million carats of diamonds. Compared to the incessant shower of diamonds on Saturn, this seems paltry.

Diamond Grade | Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut

Many more Diamonds in the sky!

As many studies show, natural diamonds, although rare on Earth, are more easily found in our universe! Extraterrestrial sourced diamonds not only appear on planets, but also on stars and meteorites.

The other gas giant, Jupiter, is also famous for experiencing the same diamond showers. Deep in Jupiter’s atmosphere, conditions are so extreme that gemstones can liquefy to form oceans of diamonds.

Besides Saturn and Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune are also famous for their diamond-studded skies. We have to go back to 1981, when Marvin Ross’ article revealed the presence of diamonds on these ice giants.

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Photo credit: DWilliam via Pixabay

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