Injury Dream Meaning (Wound)

Wound or injury dream meaning

Injury Dream Meaning (Wound)

Wound or injury dream meaning signifies the dreamer’s feelings of injury or tear. Sometimes a simple stare or sharp comment can make you sick. The dream of injury can be a harbinger or signs of problems with work, social status, relationships or romantic relationships. In addition, injuries are often committed inadvertently. So this dream is a sign of great distraction, you don’t even know if it’s real or not.

Generally the dream of being hurt symbolizes envy, grudge and lust on different levels.

Especially if you dream of wounds and blood: you need to protect yourself from malicious attacks.

It also means that you are living in an unhealthy environment, which could lead to problems in your relationships and material losses.

Normally, repetitive injury dreams usually happen to a small group of people, such as hypochondriacs.
But, if you often dream of injury on the body, it can also express that you feel in great danger.

If in the dream you see an open wound that heals, it means that the problems, even if they will last a little longer, will end.
On the other hand, dreaming of a wound with pus or infection augurs a period of misfortunes, annoyances and a lot of sadness.

Among the emotions that you can easily encounter with this dream are sadness, panic, pain; disappointment or great despair.

Head injury dream meaning

The meaning of a dream with a head injury represents negativity, bad friendships and low self-esteem.
On the other hand, having a bleeding head wound reflects a negative state of mind.

Here, the blood will symbolize concerns that you need to address personally, both physically and emotionally.
On the other hand, the dream of a head injury will rather speak of false friends or negative people who cross your daily life.

Dream of hand injury

This dream depends on the injured hand. Was the wound on the right hand or on the left?
To dream of having an injury in your right hand predicts that you will earn a lot of money in a future business, or with the job you have at the moment.
While an injury to the left hand means that someone close to us will make you live in abundance.
However, in a negative context, dreaming of a hand injury represents outrage in public.

Wound with a lot of blood

Dreaming of a wound with a lot of blood is often a bad prediction.
This is a harbinger of betrayal.
If you encounter problems in a case, you will find it difficult to get rid of them.
As a rule, dreaming of injury and blood is associated with guilt for having done something wrong.
If the wound is big and ugly, it’s probably a huge burden of shame.
On the other hand, just dreaming of an open wound on your hand, but without blood, means that your problems are disappearing. Read also: Blood Dream Meaning

Blood Dream Meaning

Dream about a leg injury

Here is another dream about a rather uncomfortable injury, the main reason for which is the consequences of your actions.
In truth, this scene has its positive appearance, because it invites you to analyze behavior that is unpleasant for others.
On the other hand, dreaming about having a leg injury relates to the path you are taking and your current decisions.
It is understood that you must change the course of events, because you are on the wrong track.

Face injury dream meaning

To dream of an injury to the face is a sign that positive changes are happening in your life.
You will certainly meet someone who will know how to cure you of the outrages of the past.
However, for some, dreaming of a hurt face means outrage and bad news.

A dream of an injury in the back

When you dream of a back injury, either yours or someone else’s, it means that your enemies are about to attack you.
This image also illustrates slanderous people making fun of you.
In some cases, this damage will be caused by someone you trust.

Dream about mouth injury

If you dream of a mouth injury, it reflects communication problems.
It may be a failure, a fear or an anxiety that is difficult to evacuate.
You need to stay alert because this type of dream is often associated with verbal abuse.

Wound dream with worms

Just seeing a wound with worms refers to always painful psychological trauma.
They are often caused by poisonous words that have permanently damaged your self-esteem.

Other meanings of dreams with wounds

If you have dreamed of healing your wounds, it can be beneficial and powerful for your mind. Your self-esteem regenerates positively.
To dream of healing the wounds of others indicates that you have confidence in yourself.
But, if you can’t heal someone injured, it means you’re discouraged and don’t want to do anything more.
Finally, a dream about wounds that won’t heal means that you need to ask forgiveness from people you have recently offended.

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