Elevator Dream Meaning

Elevator dream meaning

Elevator Dream Meaning

The elevator dream most often means sudden changes in the environment. But this dream can also revealed that the dreamer is afraid of change. Elevator dream meaning representing a feeling of unease caused by a sudden change in your life. Maybe the dreamer is delaying things he needs to do or things he should be doing. Change is frightening, but acting courageously can be a big success.

We have all probably dreamed about an elevator and have wondered what this dream means. We are going to list some of the situations you dream about the most, which includes the elevator and its true meaning and interpretation.

Broken elevator dream meaning

A broken elevator in a dream, indicates that you should not give up too soon, your success is within reach.

Elevator dream meaning without using it

It reflects indecision and hesitation in the face of an important choice for the reorientation of his daily life.

Being in an elevator going up

The situation is changing, the changes will be rapid.

When it comes to an exterior elevator, located along the building and not inside, it takes a little longer to obtain satisfaction because we are reluctant to get down to business.

The elevator goes down

Very unexpected events thwart ambitions… essentially material ones.

Afraid of elevator

Afraid of the elevator dream meaning would tend to suggest a fear of the masculine universe despite a strong attraction. The origin of this fear often comes from the relationship with the father. This could be feared as much as desired, because of its inaccessibility, because it was too distant. It is also possible that the father’s uncontrolled impulses could have been felt in a disturbing and ambiguous manner, triggering a strong emotivity in the child. And it is sometimes forbidden to face the image of the mother, who appears to be frigid and who has not given her daughter a positive image of sensuality. Generally speaking, fear of the elevator is fear and forbidding of one’s own impulses.

Transparent or glass wall elevator

An elevator with transparent walls generating vertigo can reveal the fear of being seen in your private life. Don’t show too much of your private life. Not every part of your private life needs to be public. A private life is a happy life because as the respect that you have for your own privacy increases, the drama, bad luck, and bullsh*t in your life instantly decreases. Maybe your childhood experiences implemented and programmed this mentality, but that doesn’t mean that you have to continue being chief of the opposition and carry out that mission/mentality until emotional warfare is a way of life. You are more than enough, just as you are.

Waiting for an elevator

The dream of waiting for an elevator illustrates your search for ways to make your life easier. The longer you have to wait for something, the more problem you’ll have in your life.

Elevator dream meaning that doesn’t move

This dream symbolizes that you are actually bored with your real life, and there is nothing to inspire and motivate. You may be bored with everyday life and routines and deep down you want something new and exciting to happen. If you like doing something and want to get back to doing it, then this is a good time to start. To break your cycle of boredom and to bring more joy to your life, it’s always a good idea to change something.

Elevator cannot go up

To dream of an elevator that cannot go up due to a breakdown, is warning you that unexpected changes will happen around you and the events you have planned might not go as planned.

Elevator cannot stop

Dreaming of an elevator does not stop is a bad sign is waiting for you.

Getting there with others

Such as: PEOPLE – NEIGHBOR – COLLEAGUE – Learning to share, whether it is the pleasures or the benefits that we expect from a business.

Dreaming about objects and people inside an elevator

If you dreamed about finding yourself in an elevator with things and people inside, such a dream might indicate needing someone’s advice to improve yourself, but you might not be okay with that. You may be too independent, but you must recognize that you cannot know all the answers. This dream might also indicate some traits that you see in others that you want to make them part of your personality as well.

A crowded elevator

Warning about a breaking point, of psychic saturation. To study with his experience. To dream of an elevator filled with people is an excellent omen from the point of view of business and, it’s good news!

Getting in an elevator

Where to go? With friends, at home, in an office?… We are on the verge of achieving some of our objectives, but be careful because climbing the elevator often denounces impatience or even feverishness.

Falling elevator dream meaning

This dream is frightening and uncomfortable for everyone who dreams of it. It shows that a dark aspect of your personality will emerge and people will be able to see you in your full light. You may have problems with other people and you need to be careful what you say or do. If that the elevator suddenly goes down and falls is a sign of a sudden big problem.

Dreaming about an elevator getting out of control

Being in an elevator moving uncontrollably is a terrifying experience. If you dreamed about being in an uncontrollable elevator, such a dream is not a good sign. If the elevator was in free fall, such a dream might indicate your fears about losing control in some situation. It could also be a sign of the inability to reach the desired level in certain situations. If the elevator has crashed into the roof, such a dream might indicate being placed in a position of strength that may not match your current abilities.

You may not know how to cope with all the demands of your new job and not be able to cope with the high level of work and responsibilities that you are stressing out about. Maybe you are even afraid of all that awaits you.

Elevator dream meaning going to the basement

If you dreamed about an elevator leading to the basement, such a dream might prompt you to make decisions that put you in a dangerous or humiliating situation. Sometimes it indicates choices that confront you with very unpleasant situations and negative feelings. This dream might also indicate being aware of something serious. Sometimes it is an indication to choose a negative experience.

Being blocked or stuck in an elevator

This dream symbolizes that you feel trapped in your life and that you cannot go up or down in any aspect of your life, this dream may also be related to fraud and robbery that you may experience in the near future.

That’s not what you think or maybe you will get mugged by someone on the street. Watch out for fraudsters and be sure to check the quality of everything you buy.

A project in progress can be stopped for an indefinite period. There is a risk of being hampered in its efforts or initiatives. The omen therefore announces a rather unpleasant jump ball period. Study the other elements of the dream with: “Are we alone? Are there other people? Is the elevator threatening to collapse? Do we feel any shaking? The air starts- Is it missing? Can we still breathe? Who is fainting? …. ”

People come down while we are waiting for it

Either we are deceived by false pretexts to be patient and therefore, the profit goes elsewhere, or we work alone without mixing with the masses .

An abnormally fast lift

For a going-up, leads to a rapid success, of a project or a hope, but followed by great disillusionment.
For a fast going down, you have to be careful for a sudden change in your life without prior notice.

Elevator dream meaning moving side ways (horizontally)

If you have a dream about an elevator that is moving tilted or horizontal, then you are preoccupied with small and insignificant things in your life that keep you away from more important things. In this case you should be more aware of the real problem and deal with it than to lose time for unnecessary details. You can’t really see the big picture and this is stopping you from moving forward. You need to develop your vision and goals in order to be successful in whatever you are doing.

If you were in an elevator that suddenly started moving sideways, such a dream might indicate feelings of stuck. Maybe your career is not move, or your relationship stagnates and doesn’t develop any further. Maybe you feel that you have reached a certain level in some area and are unable to move anymore. This dream might also indicate worry about small details and tasks that are not related to having to forget about the most important things in life, such as your spiritual growth and enhancing your personality. as it may also indicate feelings of disappointment, that some choices you considered good caused unexpected delays or distractions. This dream might also indicate that your efforts to change and improve something are actually counterproductive. Maybe everything is stagnant in your life right now.

Meaning of Dreams and Psychology

Sigmund Freud is a psychologist and founder of the school of psychoanalysis in the field of psychology. Psychoanalyst is a way to get in detail emotional experiences that can be the source or cause of mental disorders and behavior.

According to Freud, mental life has 3 levels of consciousness:

  • Conscious
  • Pre-conscious
  • Unconscious (unconscious)

The concept of Freud’s most famous theory is that there is a subconscious that controls most behavior.

Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud are the pioneers in the interpretation of dreams. A century later, thousands of books have been published on dream analysis, from consumer dictionaries to doctoral theses. It is true that the desire to understand them is almost universal. Many indigenous cultures turn to the quest for vision to unravel their mysteries.

Jung indeed explains that “the general function of dreams is to try to restore our psychological balance with the help of dreamlike material which, in a subtle way, restores the total balance of our entire psyche. This is what [he] calls the complementary (or compensatory) function of dreams in our psychic constitution ”. In this sense, the dream participates in the development of the personality, at the same time as it links the subject to the vast imaginary reservoir that is the collective unconscious.

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