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Visit to banda islands lesser sunda

Visit to Banda Island

Preserved from mass tourism, the Maluku Islands constitute a real paradise on earth. The amazing landscapes vary between fine sandy beaches, shimmering forests and volcanoes. The seabed protects coral reefs and certain endangered animal species, such as the giant jellyfish. Large hikes of several days are possible in the forests. Finally, the meeting with the indigenous population will allow you to learn more about the very rich Indonesian culture. What to visit in Banda islands?

The landscapes

On the Moluccas islands, there is no need to be high up to admire the landscapes, just look up: many volcanoes stand on either side of the islands. By the sea, do not hesitate to practice diving to observe the beauty of the seabed, with schools of fish, giant jellyfish and coral reefs.

The fauna and the flora

The island has an important marine flora composed of coral reefs and aquatic mountains. Unusual animals also live there: sharks, giant jellyfish and Moluccan blackbirds. A luxuriant fauna and flora which continue to develop, sheltered from the world.


Moluccan gastronomy has the reputation of being very spicy. You will taste all kinds of local dishes based on cloves or nutmeg, the two most famous spices in the region. Sensitive stomachs, abstain.

Activities and leisure

The Moluccas Islands offer many activities. The main attraction on Banda Island is visiting its many colonial forts. The islands of Saparua and Ambon will offer you marine excursions along the magnificent coral reefs. To discover the Moluccas as a whole, bike or boat trips are also organized.

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When to go to the Banda Islands: the best periods

The maximum temperature in the Banda Islands averages 29°C over the year (from 27°C in August to 30°C in December). It rains 4317mm over the year, with a minimum of 171mm in October and a maximum of 699mm in May. The climate is correct to go on a trip to the Banda Islands from January to April and from July to December, but the weather is really pleasant from September to November.

Must visit places in Banda islands

The waters of Banda Islands are located among Neira Island Group, Gunung Api Island, Ai Island, Sjahrir Island and Hatta Island which settle in Maluku Regency Tengah. Due to its strategic location, this island has a very rich biodiversity.

The research said that this island has 310 types of coral reefs, 871 species of fish and a rich population of sharks and groupers which are well preserved. Hence, this island is also called as a World Heritage Island.

We can do many things at this beach, among others, see the underwater park, canoeing, fishing, diving, see the activity of the whale, see the cheerful dolphins or watch the annual boat race from the shore. from the beach. Those who love diving, there are a few places that are perfect for diving, which are:

Sonegat is the accessible place that can be reached 5 minutes from the beach.
Keraka Island, this island is a very suitable place to enjoy the underwater view, especially for coral reefs and big barracudas.
Lontar Island is an interesting place with underwater view.
Batu Belanda, this place is full with barrel, sponge tube and small caves. The fish that are found in this place will also vary, such as snappers, girldled angel fish or banner fish.
Ai Island, this place offers the best place to see the beautiful Banda Island. While diving this island, we can see the great underwater wall with the natural cave, the living place for the harbor fish.
Hatta Island, the diving spot at Hatta Island is in Atol Skaru. It is a coral that is located a few meters from the island of Hatta diving spot. Here we can see unicorn fish, fusiliers, jack fish, rainbow runners, Napoleon wrasse and turtles.

To enjoy this island and dive underwater, we have to take quite a long trip. The trip can be done using flight from Ambon to Banda via Aviator or using sea line using Pelni ship which departs from Ambon to Banda Islands which operates once in 2 weeks.

Banda Pisang
Banda Pisang. WiDi, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Banda Api
Bandai Api island. The 640-m-high symmetrical volcano of Banda Api, the most active of a chain of volcanoes in Indonesia’s Banda Sea. Tom Casadevall, U.S. Geological Survey, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Diving in Banda islands

There are many beautiful spots like: Banda Besar / Neira / Pisang / Gunung Api: the main area, about ten sites. Or you can go to Suanggi: a rock north of the main islands (3 hours by boat), the site having the famous school of hammerhead sharks!
And many more: Hatta island, AI island, and Rhun island.

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Photo credit: NASA (Public Domain), via Wikimedia Commons

Photo description: Indonesia´s Lesser Sunda Islands sparkle like green gems against the sapphire-blue waters of the Indian Ocean and Flores, Banda, Sawu, and Timor Seas. These islands form the southern border of Indonesia with Australia and stretch for 1,200 kilometers from the western island of Lombok on the left to the eastern tip of Timor, the largest island in the image. In a few places, bright turquoise-blue spots on the water mark tiny islands surrounded by shallow waters: the Kepulauan Taka´Bonerate islands in the upper center of the image, the Kepulauan Tukangbesi islands in the upper right, and the Ashmore and Cartier Islands (Australian territories) in the lower center.

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