Taurus Zodiac | Character and Personality of This Astrological Sign

Taurus zodiac horoscope

Taurus Zodiac (April 22 – May 21)

Linked to the earth element, Taurus zodiac is serious and their personality is stable. For this reason, some people may get bored around it! Far from him, the mood swings. His character is perfect for building a household and raising children. Its horns mark an assertiveness. He loves a job well done to the point of being a bit of a perfectionist! The young American actress Jessica Alba is of this sign. She plays for movies and television series.

Profile of the sign Taurus

Among the different signs of the zodiac, Taurus has a very strong personality. They are easily recognized by their tenacity on all levels. A character that makes them people appreciated for their strength. With great composure and unstoppable self-control, they never get upset and manage to stay calm even in the most extreme situations. They remain impassive and let nothing of their emotions show up in order to adopt the right behavior and make the right decision. Such a mindset doesn’t mean Taureans have a heart of stone, it’s just the best way to stay objective. Jealous by nature, they take pleasure in the square and simple relationships that allow them to enjoy life to the fullest.

Signs of the Earth, Taureans are down-to-earth people who don’t get sidetracked on trivial matters. Each of their decisions is well thought out and each of their actions is based on indisputable foundations. True, to err is human, but with their characters, Taureans almost always border on perfection in what they do, with a few blunders.

They are persevering people who invest 100% in achieving the goals they have set for themselves. Also, they like to build for the long term and act with caution. Faithful to their commitment, they are always present and keep their word. Taureans are the best friends they can be because they put the relationship with their loved ones on a pedestal and their protective nature ensures that they are safe.

To remember about the character of Taurus: the natives of this sign come into the world with spring, when nature blossoms and seems at peace. Taureans are calm and feel this peace. Trying to their common sense, slowly but surely, Taureans ignore everything that separates them from their reality. Metaphysical anxieties don’t have a hold on them and they don’t bother about change. They persevere in expectation anchored in the material.

Traditionalist and conservative, Taurus is the most fixed sign of the Zodiac. Taureans are close to nature, loving the things in life with a hint of the taste of possession. Under the influence of the earth which governs this sign, the natives of Taurus have a green thumb. A born Epicurean, nature is indeed his great love.

The Taurus is nonetheless an esthete, refined and charming: he loves the beautiful. His readiness to accumulate both feelings and grudges makes him capable of strong anger. Generous, he lacks discernment with his easy prejudices, to which he firmly holds. Homebody and addicted to his habits, the Taurus does not accept the upheavals in his daily routine. Aware of the importance of money, he masters his accounts well and is therefore rarely in need.

Modest, they easily accept second place, failing to be the first. Are you a Taurus man? Discover the intricacies of your sign

The qualities of Taurus Zodiac

Your sense of logic

The Taurus is often called upon to give advice because he is full of common sense. The Taurus is well known for his logical thinking and it is for this reason that he is often approached by his friends and family who seek his good advice.

Your unfailing generosity

Taurus are generally one of the most generous and patient people you can meet. They are loyal people who like to maintain relationships. They are very caring and compassionate.

Your comprehension

Born a team leader, the Taurus has excellent observation and understanding skills. They have the ability to strategize and solve problems or implement plans.

Your kindness

The Taurus is very kind and because of this kindness with open arms, people find themselves wonderfully at ease with him. Taureans always live for the people they love.

Your patience

Taurus is not afraid to wait. Few people can can compete with him in the field of patience. But if the Taurus is patient, it is in order to achieve their goals and get results.

The Taurus sign in love

In love, the Taurus needs to build a stable, faithful and sensual couple. Taurus is indeed a carnal being and knows how to express it generously. Everything but an artichoke heart, Taurus takes a long time to become attached to someone, but when they love their feelings are deep and exclusive.

This sign of Venus has an unmatched natural charm that captivates. Very sentimental, devoted and loyal, Taureans pay attention to their romantic relationships and aspire to a peaceful and lasting married life. A comfortable and cozy cocoon of utmost importance to Taureans who are looking for a lasting relationship. The little attentions they give to their partner, such as tenderness, hugs, kisses, hugs, and all the little things are a testament to their real love. Their crazy charm makes them born seducers. On the carnal side and sensual delight, Taureans make their partner happy thanks to their initiative and their know-how to give pleasure. Their jealous and possessive characters can take over in order to preserve this emotional security. For real engagement, they take the time to analyze their situation and see where the flow is taking them.

More about Taurus Zodiac

The health of Taurus

Robust and without major health problems, the Taurus must however be wary of tonsillitis and thyroid disorders. Professions which call upon the voice are not recommended to him. With age, he is prone to rheumatism. Despite his aversion to sport, the Taurus must watch his weight with regular physical activity because his penchant for good food can create problems for him.

Taurus and work

At work, Taureans persevere in their work and effort, which makes them fit for the challenge of carrying out a long-term task.

8 things to know about this astrological sign

Famous bulls: Laetitia Casta, Mireille d’Arc, Penélope Cruz, Elisabeth II, Michelle Pfeiffer. And in Taurus men: Al Pacino, George Clooney, Pope John Paul II, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx, Orson Welles, Jack Nicholson.
Its element: Earth, which brings Taurus to reflection, prudence and patience.
His numbers: 6 and 4, 2 and 11 are generally beneficial to him.
The planet: Venus.
The colors: green and brown.
His lucky charm: The emerald.
Favorable day: Friday.

Greek mythology states that Taurus was born from Jupiter’s love affair with Europe. From their union were born several sons including Minos among others. A miracle asked of the God of the sea would have brought out a magnificent Bull from the water, for Minos who could be elected King. The legend adds another thousand adventures around this bull which was elevated to the rank of constellation.

Compatibility of Taurus and other signs

What astral compatibility for Taurus? In the concert of astrological affinities, Taurus has a good feeling with Virgo, Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn. While Aries, Libra, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius are hostile to it. His opposite zodiac sign is Scorpio.

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