Souvenirs to Bring back from Hawaii

Souvenirs to bring back from hawaii

Souvenirs to Bring back from Hawaii

A trip is always accompanied by memories, photographs, moments lived, but bringing back a souvenir for your loved ones is a real headache. Here is a non-exhaustive list of souvenirs to bring back from Hawaii, traditional souvenirs and surprising souvenirs.

Souvenirs for foodies

Hawaii is a major producer of macadamia nuts, supplying 90% of the world, yet the macadamia nut is native to Australia. Sold in a box it is a superb souvenir especially since it is anti-cholesterol! In Hawaii, the macadamia nut is also eaten roasted or as a confectionery. It is also found in oil form.

The second culinary asset of Hawaii is drunk and it is of course coffee. It was in 1828 that the first coffee plant was planted by a missionary. Hawaii is thus the only American producer of coffee. Real Kona coffee is expensive. It is to be savored and makes it a wonderful souvenir.

Souvenirs taking up a little more room in the suitcase.

Hawaii is full of musical treasures like the ukulele, which is so popular in Hawaii that you must have seen it. Obviously, even if the ukulele is smaller than a guitar, you still need space in your suitcase to transport it. The lei is a welcome gift that should not be refused, but you can also buy them in most Hawaiian shops. To always be in the theme of flowers, the Hawaiian shirt is to get!

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Patchwork bedspreads are also a very common practice in Hawaii. Entirely handmade, they are also called “quilts”. Hawaii is rich in know-how, you should not be satisfied with a small list since all the craftsmen know how to use local products and transform them into unique objects. You can also discover woven hats or jewelry made of shells, we leave you the surprise!


It is not allowed to bring back sand from remarkable beaches like Green Sand Beach. This is also the case for volcanic rocks in national parks. They are supposedly bewitched by the gods like Pelé and an anecdote circulates that people who have broken the rule often send the pebbles back by post because of mishaps that have happened to them back home.

As always, do not bring back corals from your snorkeling trips, even if they seem detached from the reef. This endangers the ecosystem and contributes to the decline of coral species.

Maui Not To Be Missed in Hawai

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