Rummy Playing Cards | How Many Red Cards Are In 1 Pack Of Rummy Playing Cards? | History, How to Play and Rules of Playing

How Many Red Cards Are In 1 Pack Of Rummy Playing Cards

How Many Red Cards Are In 1 Pack Of Rummy Playing Cards?

Playing cards are the result of the evolution or development of the game of chess played by herders in West Asia. The playing cards that we generally use today are English playing cards. Rummy Playing Cards based on matching cards of the same rank or sequence and same suit. The goal is to make card combinations, it suits for two or more players.

Card games were invented in China in the early 9th century and appeared in Europe in the early 14th century.

The four card suit symbols are spades, curls, diamonds, and hearts. The theory is that the standard 52-card deck is correlated with nature and season.

The word “rummy” itself is actually the name of a card game.

Hierarchy of cards: From weakest to strongest: Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-Jack-Queen-King-Ace (the Ace therefore has a double value).

Rummy Playing Cards Philosophy

The number of playing cards is 52 (not plus the joker), this represents the number of weeks in a year.

Interestingly, the number of 52 cards means that: 52 (5+2) = 7 days a week.

4 Symbols in playing cards? It represents the number of seasons in Europe. Where;
(♠) Spades symbolizes winter.
(♣) Curls (Clubs) symbolize summer.
(♥) Hearts symbolize autumn.
(♦) Diamonds symbolize spring.

In each group of cards there are 13 cards. The number 13 represents the number of weeks in a season in Europe.

The colors black and red represent day (red) and night (black).

If the numbers on each card are added up, the result will be 364, where 364 is the number of days in the Gregorian calendar. Example: Spades = 1 (Ace) + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 + 10 + 11 (Jack) + 12 (Queen) + 13 (King) the result is 91. Then 91 x 4 (according to four types of cards) then the final result is: 364. Added Jocker to 365. This is the number of days in a year.

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Cards Symbol

King Card Figure Symbol

But did you know that among the cards there is the KING card which is a symbol of the famous kings of the time and we still hear about them until now. Who are these kings? Here are the Kings in the KING rummy card:

1. (♠) Spade (Shovel) = David/King David
David was a prophet and king of the Children of Israel. From a young age he joined the army of the Children of Israel under the leadership of Thalut against the Palestinian forces led by Jalut (Goliath). David succeeded in killing Jalut, so he was praised as a war hero. After King Thalut died, David succeeded him as king.

2. (♣) Clubs = Alexander the Great/Iskandar Agung
Alexander was a conquering king of Macedonian origin. He is recognized as one of the most genius military leaders of all time. It was also an inspiration for conquerors such as Hannibal, Pompey and Caesar of Rome and Napoleon. In his short reign, Alexander was able to make Macedonia one of the largest empires in the world.

3. (♥) Heart = Charlemagne/ King of France
Charlemagne or better known as Charles the Great was king of the Franks from 768 to 814 and the Lombards from 774 to 814. He was crowned Emperor Augustus in Rome on Christmas Day 800 by Pope Leo III, and was the founder of the Holy Roman Empire (with title of Charles I).

Through defense and conquest, he consolidated and expanded his power to cover most of Western Europe. He is often considered the founding father of France and Germany, and sometimes even the founding father of Europe. He was the first emperor in the West since the collapse of the Roman Empire.

4. (♦) Diamonds = Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar was a Roman military leader and politician whose power over Gallia Comata extended the Roman world to the Oceanus Atlanticus. He also made the first Roman invasion of Britain and introduced Roman influence to Gaul (present -day France), an achievement whose direct consequences are still visible to this day. He himself became a lifelong dictator and centralized the weakening government in the republic.

The Figure Behind the Queen Card (Q)

Spade (♠): Queen Judith of the Roman empire
Heart (♥): Queen Ragnel
Diamond (♦): Queen Pallas
Club (♣): Queen of Argeria

The Figure Behind the Jack Card (J)

(♠): Judah Maccabee was a Jewish priest who was also the son of Imam Mattathias. He was the leader of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire around 167 BC.
(♥): Ogier el Danés / Ogier the dane is a legendary figure who appears in epic poetry for the first time. Written in Old French chanson de geste.
(♦): Aulus Hirtius was one of the consultants of the Roman republic who was also a writer for military studies in the time of Julius Caesar.
(♣): Hector was a prince of King Priam and Queen Hecuba who was also a warrior from Troy in the Trojan war.


There are 26 red cards in a standard card game. In the red card there are diamonds and hearts and the black card has clubs and spades.

How & Rules of Playing International Rummy Playing Cards

Usually played by about 2-4 people, starting with dealing cards (each player gets 7 cards at the start).

The goal: You must make a row of number cards (same suit) from 2-10 at least 3 series (eg 2-3-4 love), or JQK (tempe), or the same number (at least 3) such as JJJ, QQQ, Ace -ace and 7-7-7. Joker can replace any card

The value of the numbers every time is 5, the ace value is 15, the J/Q/K value is 10

Playing Card Games:
  • The first player starts picking up cards in the deck, selecting unwanted cards from the hand to discard.
  • Continued with the next player
  • Always remember! after taking a card anywhere, must throw one card
  • We can choose in one turn to take a card in the deck or take a card in the discard.
  • The condition for picking up the discarded card is that it must be done immediately (at least you have 2 cards in your hand). A maximum of 7 cards from the starting end. For example: we have 3 and 5 hearts, it turns out that at the disposal there is a 4 card, and it is still within the 7 card limit. We can take and still discard one card.
  • Never throw a joker card, or the game session is over
  • Oh yes. The first time that each player must draw, not be the same, and not be allowed to use the joker. Except for the ace, because it doesn’t have a series.
End of Game:
  • The game ends if the cards in the deck run out or one player has a “closed card”
  • If it ends when the card deck runs out, then the calculation is carried out:
  • Everything that is calculated is based on the value formula above: As 15, kings 10, number 5 (for example, 4 aces 4×15 = 60)
  • What does not become a minus value, the value is the same as the additional value of each card (for example, it does not become 4 6 7 9 -> 4x (-5) = – 20
  • Then totaled them.
If the Playing Card Game ends with a Closed Card by one of the players means:
  • When a player takes a card (either from the deck or takes one card from the discard) everything becomes a row or the same card, except for one card as a closed card.
  • If a the card cover is removed from the deck. This session is finished. Called “Closed Card” (or cool language closed hands). The cover will automatically get 250 points. Add all the finished card calculations. The other players do the calculations as usual
  • If b) the card cover is taken from the dump, then the points automatically depend on the card that is closed. Ace = 250, J/Q/K=100, Number= 50. Just like point a, the cover’s automatic value is still added to the finished card.
  • Other players also count normally. But if the cover person takes the discarded card of his next friend to close the game, then the discarder of the card taken will be minus according to the value of the card. For example if throw the kingdom at minus 100.

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Additional Rules

The value of the first session is calculated in the final total, the value can be minus.
Do several sessions until there is a total of at least 1000.

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If in a certain session the value of a player or several players is overtaken by another player, the value of the overtaken player will return to 0 [DEATH MATCH].

A glimpse of the Joker at Rummy playing cards

The Joker is great at being able to replace any card (no matter the color).
Joker cannot be used for the first row.
Watch out for the unused Joker, he ends up getting minus 500.
Close the game with 500 joker points.

Important Gambling Notice: Your safety matters. Gamble responsibly by setting spending limits and playing within your means. Thank you for being mindful of your well-being.

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Photo credit: AlLes / Pixabay

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