Reflexology Massage | and its benefits for Foot, Hand and Head

Foot chart reflexology massage

Reflexology Massage

Reflexology massage is a practice presenting itself as therapeutic and using massage. It is based on the pseudo-scientific precept that every organ, part of the body or physiological function corresponds to an area or point on the hands, feet head or ears.

Reflexology is a practice presenting itself as therapeutic and using massage. It is based on the pseudo-scientific precept that every organ, part of the body or physiological function corresponds to an area or point on the hands, feet or ears.

Foot Reflexology Massage

What is foot reflexology?
It is a foot massage of Chinese origin. According to an ancestral Chinese medicine, each reflex zone corresponds to an organ, a gland or a part of the body which is projected onto the soles of the feet. A specific touch locates tensions and unblocks them. Incredibly relaxing, this technique activates blood circulation in the feet, relieving the stresses of the day. The foot is a miniature representation of the human body where each area of ​​the foot corresponds to an organ or part of the human body.

What is the goal of reflexology?
A reflexology session consists in relieving the person by treating the imbalances of the body, thanks to manual pressure exerted on the zones called “reflexes”. Reflexology is used today:

As prevention;
In the support of the coverage of medical treatment (under non-conventional non-alternative medicine).

What happens during a massage session?

Because the practitioner or masseuse is not a doctor, he or she is not authorized to make a diagnosis, or administer or change treatment. There is, however, a practice to be respected that reflexologists in reflexology schools learn. Before the session, the reflexologist should ask the patient why he consulted and what he expects from the session. “If the person is experiencing pain, a disease that he wants to treat, he has to explain everything to the reflexology specialist.

Sometimes, the patient can forget to tell the masseuse something, and we become aware of it during the session: for example, by massaging the 2nd and third toes, we realize that the person has significant vision problems, and this is indeed true because these toes are eye reflex point “. During the session: the patient sits comfortably in a recliner type chair,” His feet are resting on a pillow, and put a blanket on him, because people often feel cold during the session, even when the temperature is 30 °C (89 °F) “Tell the masseuse if you have allergies, because they can use massage oil with floral scents. Clean the patient’s feet first with warm water or a hot towel.

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During reflexology can cause pain, urge to sleep, and in this case do not struggle. It is advisable to keep the eyes closed, because we can feel them, all the better. The first relaxing massage is carried out. “The goal is that the person, if they are still stressed or tense, can really relax. It should also prepare the feet to receive a “massage treatment”. This form of first massage varies from place to place. The practitioner looks for an area to be treated thanks to the zone and reflex points, then stimulates it with a more thorough massage. Painful reflex points indicate hyperfunctioning internal organs (as previously described with the eye). To solve this problem, massage from the inside of the foot to the outside is done. Conversely, to reactivate the organs, massage is carried out from the outside to the inside.

Foot chart reflexology massage
Foot chart reflexology massage. Photo credit: GraphsDotNet / Flickr, Alternative Medicine

Hand Reflexology Massage

The hands are the continuity of our being, they are used to express ourselves and to reach out to others. Did you know that the palms of the hands do not close less than 3000 nerve endings, in relation with the whole organism, which places them among the most sensitive areas? Less designed, hand reflexology, more accessible than any other part of the body, available at any time, appears to be a very interesting practice.

Face Reflexology Massage

The face and the skull are the seat of a multitude of points and areas which are very sensitive. Oriental terapeutic concept, derived directly from Chinese medicine, facial and cranial reflexology is based above all on the stimulation of reflex zones and points located on the face and skull, acts on certain points of energy, promoting the unblocking nerve impulses, bringing well-being and intense and immediate relaxation.

The doctor’s opinion

This technique is not based on scientifically proven concepts. It should not dispense with a normal medical consultation in the event of significant stress, depression, or any other symptom.


There are contraindications to this massage such as the presence of inflammation, or trauma to the feet such as a sprain, thrombosis, recent heart problems, circulatory problems (phlebitis …) or an early of pregnancy.

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