Moon Dream Meaning

Moon dream meaning

Moon Dream Meaning

Moon dream meaning symbolizes: female archetype, cycle or loop. Moon dream meaning is a sign of a hazy and uncertain situation as well as traces of sadness.

To find out what makes you sad and disturbing, do an analysis of the dream elements associated with it. You feel uncomfortable? indescribable and undefined. What’s your problem, how come it happened?

Looking at the moon dream meaning

To see the moon in a dream represents some hidden and mysterious aspect of yourself. It is often associated with feminine mystique and intuition. Alternatively, the moon signifies a change in your mood.

Two moons / twin months / many months

If you see two moons in a dream, it means that you are being pulled in two different directions. It also represents two extremes. If you see five moons in a dream, then it points to chaos or mass chaos happening in your life. It is also an indication that your intuition or instincts are very strong and you should follow them.

This is a strange and rare dream. Dreaming of seeing two moons in the sky shows that you have more than one source of inspiration and great and interesting desires.

These things may or may not be related to each other and it makes you feel like a thorn between them.

It is a dream that can arise in the artistic, versatile, visionary, restless and inquiring mind. However, it also means that you are well on your way to finding your direction.

This dream is as if you have double vision; You see a different side of the same thing that inspires you so much. You still don’t know which one to go after because they both seem attractive, attractive and even seductive. Let time decide.

By the way, there is the expression “walk to the moon,” which figuratively means to take time to reflect on the current situation.

Lunar eclipse moon dream meaning

To see a lunar eclipse in a dream means that your feminine side is being overshadowed. Or maybe it means some hidden aspect of yourself is coming to the fore.

To see a crescent moon in a dream denotes cyclical change, renewal and movement. You are progressing smoothly towards your life path. The full moon signifies perfection and wholeness, while the new moon symbolizes new beginnings.

Dreams about a lunar eclipse can also be understood in various ways.

Since the Moon symbolizes femininity, dreams of eclipses often indicate that your feminine, gentle and nurturing side is being overshadowed by something else.

This could be a consequence of your own or someone else’s actions.

Maybe you let your tough side dominate because your life circumstances require you to be the toughest.

This dream also shows that there is something looming, something that does not allow you to shine.

This can be attributed to the sun and the moon, because the sun is actually the one that gives light to the moon.

Maybe there are obstacles in your real life that are preventing you from finding your light source, you can’t find your ideal, pattern, purpose, inspiration or anything else. Something is blocking your vision and because of that you cannot see light and rays.

Jump and touch the moon

To dream that you are jumping and touching the moon refers to your ambitions. When it comes to your goals and aspirations, you will achieve lofty goals. You can do anything if you decide to do it.

Asteroid hits the moon

To dream that an asteroid hits the moon and causes it to explode, means that the madness in your life is out of control. You give too much of your desire boost.

The meaning of the dream of the moon being shattered

If you dream that the Moon has exploded or been hit by a large asteroid or has been destroyed in some other way, this is a dream that usually reflects a great disappointment in one’s own ideals.

The veil of your imagination is gone; You are cruelly confronted with the realities of life. The destruction of the Moon in a dream is an allegory of the destruction of one’s dreams and visions.

Bloody moon dream meaning

If you see a bloody moon or blood dripping from the moon in your dream; then it points to some difficulties or some kind of difficulty heading your way. Alternatively, dreaming about the blood moon represents the end of a relationship, a situation or some problem. Read also: Blood Dream Meaning

Moonlight dream meaning

Dreaming of moonlight symbolizes a breakthrough or emotional breakdown. This dream offers reassurance that you are heading on the right track in your dark times.

Dream meaning of holding the moon

To dream that you are holding the moon in your hands indicates that you will receive a gift from a ruler or a rich person.

Dream of touching the moon

Now, this is a rare and strange dream and can take different forms. You may dream of touching the Moon just by holding out your hand towards the moon in the sky and you magically touch it. You may dream that you are in the sky, up there, in contact with the Moon.

Regardless of the exact scenario, touching the Moon in a dream is associated with desires and possible ambitions.

It is sometimes understood that you have very high ambitions and expectations of yourself, although this concept is usually associated with the Sun principle.

Dreams of touching the Moon may have more to do with your emotional desires, fantasies, ideals and dreams.

You want something really bad and that’s sure to give you a big push, even though it can also torture you, because it’s nearly inaccessible. With the Moon, things often remain in the realm of the abstract, the imaginary, the dream.

Dream about the crescent moon

For some people, the crescent moon is the most beautiful shape of the moon to look at; without a doubt, it seems magical.

If this happens in your dream, it represents adjustment, adaptation, change following a cyclical pattern.

This dream signifies that you live according to your natural life cycle; each person has his own, in addition to the universal laws of nature.

This is a good dream; it denotes a smooth and gradual adjustment, the ability to understand the world and adapt, but in your own unique style.

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