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Libra Zodiac | Character and Personality of This Astrological Sign

Libra zodiac horoscope

Libra Zodiac | Character and Personality of This Astrological Sign

Libra Zodiac (September 23 – October 22)

Libra character (September 23 – October 22) Naomi Watts, an English actress living in Australia, is Libra. The air element dominates his personality. Libra zodiac is therefore intellectual, liking mind games. It represents justice and balance, the right measure. It can appear severe and strict. Very upright, she respects values. It is said of her that she cares about her image; which might explain why Kim Kardashian is also a stylist.

The character of Libra Zodiac

People who are born under this star sign are good to live with. They are indeed sociable, full of charm and endowed with an agile mind like no other. Libras know how to bond and invent relationships in harmony. In general, they prefer to stay away from conflicts. This is why the natives of this sign act, in most cases, with restraint. Thus, they manage to prioritize their living environment that they would like to calm down. Libras like to be soothed and fully reassured. Changing course or going on an unexpected adventure is out of the question.

Whatever the circumstances, Libras like to be very diplomatic. This is one of the traits that allows them to be balanced. But above all, they strike a balance by weighing the pros and cons of a situation. Concerned about their image, a person of this sign knows how to use their many strengths, whether physical or not, to attract the attention of those around them to them. Skillful and generally intelligent by nature, she tends to never shy away from responsibility.

To bring harmony to them, the natives of Libra also have a habit of reconciling others. Their generosity, devotions and charms are assets that make them attentive interlocutors and exceptional advisers. They care more about justice and fairness in a situation. That’s why they are very popular people around them.

The main character traits of this sign are tact, charm and flexibility. Libra natives enjoy good balance and a balanced mind. Maintaining balance is important for Libra. The idea of ​​living and letting live are also vital necessities. Their greatest desire is social harmony, they like peaceful surroundings and avoid conflict at all costs. According to the sign, Libra is measured in order to find a good balance.

Hating conflicts, they often play the role of mediator. They need others to satisfy their need for communication. Very diplomatic, they have a flair for business relationships and enjoy being surrounded by often organizing parties at home. Adoring cleanliness and order, they like to live at ease, comfortably, sometimes surrounded by luxury. Art and music enchant them. Very fine psychologically, they can become manipulative, able even to break the laws and the customs to be accepted by the society. Some may have complex and paradoxical personalities, even appearing superficial with a pronounced taste for luxury, ambition and vanity. But hating vulgarity and filth and ugliness, they have refined, elegant tastes.

Libras are charming, sociable, tender, flexible, altruistic, generous, devoted to the point of making people believe that they can be abused, while on the contrary they know very well how to take things to their advantage.

The qualities of Libra Zodiac

Your sweetness

Libra individuals can be so sweet that others can’t help but fall for it! They always have something positive to say to everyone. It’s like a sweet treat and anyone who spends a few minutes capsizes into a sweet coma.

Your romanticism

Libra leads the way when it comes to romance. Anyone can go a little bit crazy in love, but Libras are different from others. They are vulnerable and can get completely drunk with love.

Your charm

It’s just that they were born with an undeniable charm. Individuals native to Libra are extremely charming and take the opportunity to flirt a bit. Their friendly and charming nature makes them incredibly attractive to others.

Your sense of justice

Libra individuals are known to have logical minds and fair judgment. They always encourage fair solutions and focus on what is said. This makes them wonderful mediators.

Your comprehension

In addition to being classy, ​​sociable and passionate, the scales are also very understanding. They are caring and interpret things that most people don’t understand.

How does Libra experience love?

Libra has a slightly more complex love profile, as there is nothing more important to a Libra man or woman than being together. Indeed, it is rare that she accepts a period as a bachelor. If so, she will not waste time seeking love balance, that is, sharing. Libra will quickly want to have a partner in their life, in their daily life. This inability to be alone leads her to have unfulfilled relationships. And yet, it will still allow him to have a confidant or just someone by his side.

It must be said that loneliness is something she dreads and that she does not want to have to live. When feeling confident, Libra manages to show a lot of affection, charm and romance. On the other hand, she would like unwavering commitment, because she feels the need to be secure. People with this astrological sign like to please. Beauty is for them a form of respect and politeness towards their partner. For them, to love means to please their partner and to give them a pleasant image in their eyes.

In love, whether it is the Libra woman or the Libra man, the natives of this astrological sign do not support loneliness and decide on a mismatched union rather than a single life, even if it means getting married on the spot. head and then divorce. It is sometimes only after a 3rd marriage that some (s) will find a soul mate! Everyone is able to establish deep bonds of complicity, in a warm and sensual atmosphere. However, Libra’s need to constantly check the effectiveness of her charms pushes her to want to flirt sometimes under the nose of her spouse…

On a sentimental level, it must be said that the natives of the sign should expect beautiful exchanges. Good humor will be present on a daily basis, as will sharing and benevolence. In a relationship with ? It will take extra effort to stay with your partner and fill in his absences. Otherwise, this year is the perfect opportunity to rekindle the passion within your relationship. Singles, on the other hand, will expect sympathetic flirtations despite the absence of serious encounters.

Discover in detail the personalities of the Libra Zodiac

Libra and its health

Libra is a sign with good health, but as she most often somatizes and becomes nervous exhausted if she feels psychologically ill, she must indulge in physical activities to release her internal tensions. Beware of the tendency to compensate for the emotional deprivation with food, this attitude will cause weight gain and side problems of the kidneys, bladder and adrenal glands (urinary weakness), hormonal and respiratory problems, up to the damage blood circulation and joints (recurrent cystitis in women).

9 things to know about this astrological sign

Famous Scales for Men: John Lennon, Eminem, Matt Damon, Usher, Will Smith, Gandhi and for Women: Brigitte Bardot, Romy Schneider, Sara Bernhardt, Monica Belluci, Catherine Deneuve, France Gall.
The element of the Libra astrological sign is air which makes this sign intellectual and communicative.
Their planet is Venus who rules pleasure and social pursuits. Under his influence, they are indulgent with themselves.
The metal is Mercury.
The colors are red and blue.
The minerals in Libra are opal and coral.
The favorable day for Libra is Friday.
The numbers 2-8-19 and the lucky numbers 6 and 9.

Compatibility of Libra and other signs

Which sign is compatible with Libra? The signs in affinity with Libra are Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius, the signs in dissonance are Cancer, Virgo and Capricorn.

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