Scorpio Zodiac | Character and Personality of This Astrological Sign

Scorpio zodiac horoscope

Scorpio Zodiac (October 23 – November 22)

The water element characterizes this sign with a very strong character! Very self-centered, he can appear selfish. But he is also sensitive, to the point of sometimes becoming nervous. Scorpio zodiac are whole people, sometimes difficult to pin down. Attracted by secret things, they possess a mysterious, dark aura. American actress Ellen Pompeo is of this sign. She is known to have appeared in the television series Grey’s Anatomy.

The character of the sign Scorpio

The astrological sign of Scorpio (from the Latin scorpĭo) sees the sun enter the constellation of the signs of the Zodiac between October 21 and November 22. Its astrological symbol is that of the Crab.

Scorpio is a passionate person who lives and feels things intensely. Determined, he gives himself the means to obtain what he desires. Scorpios are nothing, if not fierce! They are strong, domineering, ambitious while seeking security. The intelligence of Scorpios allows them to contribute to any project. The main strength of this astrological sign lies in its ability to find the resources necessary to bounce back in the event of a hard blow. He has incredible powers of transformation and regeneration. Even if this sometimes involves a phase of self-destruction, the Scorpio always ends up coming out victorious in the trials they are going through. In the end, Scorpio wins.

This zodiac sign has something to intrigue with its secret and mysterious personality. He is endowed with a natural charisma that captivates those around him. He is a person of lively and subtle intelligence. Scorpio has excellent analytical skills and a keen sense of observation. Nothing escapes him, especially since he is very intuitive and empathetic. Scorpio is good at reading our minds. Watch out for its radar which detects the unspoken and the lies.

It is also the zodiac sign of fantasies and conflicts. The strength of Scorpio lies in their qualities in which their weaknesses are rooted. The Scorpio is at the same time sensitive, possessive and whole, which explains his skittish character, perhaps even very harsh and being able to go as far as meanness. Scorpio also turns out to be excessively jealous. He is a very nervous being towards others. At times, he can no longer hide his aggressiveness. It is not advisable to get confused with them, Scorpios are known not to forgive and never forget to take revenge.

To be complete on the Scorpio personality, people born under this sign are loyal and straightforward. Scorpio is also an idealist. He is capable of forgetting himself, of sacrificing himself to support an idea that he considers right, and which therefore deserves his attention.

Scorpio in love

Scorpio is not interested in flat, shallow relationships. He sees love as a passionate experience, even a little mystical. When he is in love, Scorpio manifests a deep attachment to his partner. The Scorpio man and the Scorpio woman love with incomparable intensity, without conditions or restraint. They are great lovers. Sexuality is of paramount importance for him. He is a fiery and creative lover. His intimate relationships must absolutely be a source of fulfillment. Through sexuality, Scorpio seeks fusion and perfect communion with his partner.

Male or female, Scorpio is a trustworthy partner. There is no doubt that a loving Scorpio will stay loyal. If he has a tendency to be possessive and to test the person he loves, it is because he fears betrayal. For him, marriage is not simply a matter of convention but above all because it corresponds to his aspiration that he does not admit sharing. Scorpio cannot conceive or accept that their partner is unfaithful to them.

Finally, let us note that the native of this sign does not open up easily, thus maintaining this part of mystery which characterizes him. But it is above all a way to protect himself because the fact of revealing himself too much can represent a weakness for him.

The qualities of Scorpio Zodiac

Your courage

Scorpios are extremely courageous and daring. They’re not afraid of life’s challenges, so what seems like a crazy risk to more conservative signs is just a normal day for the brave Scorpio.

Your loyalty

One of the great things about Scorpio is their loyalty to loved ones. Scorpios value trust and honesty, which makes them a sign of fierce loyalty, and they expect their partners to act the same. The person a Scorpio respects is treated with amazing loyalty, generosity, and kindness.

Your loyalty

Scorpios follow their hearts more than anyone, they are incredibly dedicated, invested, loyal and loyal when it comes to their relationships. A loved Scorpio is loyal, strong, protective, gentle, loving, and devoted to the end. Scorpios also prove to be reliable, loyal, and always attentive friends. They know how to preserve the secrets entrusted to them.

Your ambition

Scorpios have big ambitions, rooted in competition, they are able to accomplish anything they want and will not give up. They are fiercely independent.

Your focus

Scorpio individuals are focused and competitive. When they want something, they go for it. Also, when they fix their gaze on something, they let very few people get in their way.

Discover in detail the personalities of the Scorpio Zodiac

9 things to know about this zodiac sign
Some famous personalities born under the astrological sign of Scorpio: André Malraux, Pablo Picasso, Prince Charles, Indira Gandhi, for Scorpio men. And for women born under this sign: Sophie Marceau, Julia Roberts, Virginie Ledoyen, Annie Girardot, Grace Kelly, Demi Moore, Amanda Lear.
The element of the Scorpio astrological sign is water.
Its colors are black, red and purple.
The minerals of Scorpio are topaz and malachite.
His favorite numbers are 9 and 18. His lucky numbers are 2 and 44.
Tuesday is the auspicious day of the week for him.
Professionally, the Scorpio is a person who easily adapts to any profession, especially in the field of psychology.
The planet that dominates its sign is Pluto.

Compatibility of Scorpio and other signs

What sign is made for Scorpio? He is not on very good terms with Taurus, Leo and Aquarius. On the other hand, a love compatibility with Pisces and Cancer is quite possible.

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