Improve Cellphone Signal With This Code | Can be used for all types of cellphones

Improve cellphone signal

How to Improve Cellphone Signal With Code

Here’s how to improve cellphone signal network by pressing *3370# (then press call).
Attention, once you press call button, there will be an “error” or “error” message. But look at your cellphone network signal is stronger. It’s very easy to strengthen your cellphone signal, right?

*3370# This code is used to activate the telephone network signal level, also known as EFR (Enhanced Full Rate). Thanks to this code, the quality of your call is greatly improved.

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Warning, by amplifying the HP signal, it can drain your battery.

To restore

How to Restore as before: #3370#


1. *#06# Allows you to see the unique IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number
2. #002# Disables call forwarding service. After dialing this code, all incoming calls come to your number.
3. *#21# Provides the possibility to obtain information about the redirection of data (in particular, calls and messages). This code is useful for those who want to check if they are being spied on.
4. *#62# View the number that receives forwarded calls from your phone.
5. *#30# Allows you to see the number of calls without caller ID.
6. #31# + phone number. Blocks caller ID for the call.
7. *33*# Activate call blocking.
8. #33*# Disables call blocking.
9. *3370# Improves communication code quality (thanks to full size coding mode), but drains battery faster.
10. #3370# Disables full size encoding.
11. *43# Displays Call Waiting settings.
12. #43# Disable call waiting.
13. *#43# Displays more information about Call Waiting.
14. *#61#. This code allows you to check for missed calls.

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