Houston Travel Guide | Tourist guide to visit Houston and prepare for your trip now!

Houston Travel Guide | Places to visit and prepare for your trip now!

Houston Travel Guide

You will love Houston! “Houston, we have a problem”. If this replica is world famous, the city of Houston should be just as much as it is full of activities. Cultural city, it is punctuated by as many historical monuments as art museums. It is an ideal tourist destination for a couple or family vacation and you should read out houston travel guide…

Houston is the fourth largest city in America, located in the state of Texas. It’s a cosmopolitan destination where you’ll find everything you need when it comes to restaurants, art, hotels and shopping.

Unthinkable to spend a vacation in Houston without visiting the NASA Space Center located half an hour from downtown Houston. You can spend an entire day in this park to understand the evolution of different space ships, the training required to go into space and the challenges of research in this field.

Take a walk around Houston, spend the day exploring the Museum District, or head to Houston’s Space Center. Later, enjoy a meal at an award-winning restaurant or hang out with the kids on Washington Avenue. With that Southern hospitality, traveling to Houston always offers something to do in this trendy yet urban city.

Main airports:
George Bush (IAH)
Hobby (HOU)

Winter: 9 to 19˚C (48 to 66°F)
Spring: 20 to 29˚C (68 to 84°F)
Summer: 23 to 33˚C (73 to 91°F)
Fall: 12 to 22˚C (53.5 to 71.5°F)

Reasons to visit Houston

Houston Calling: Unveiling the Allure of Space City!

The Magnetic Appeal of Houston

Houston, Texas, beckons visitors with a diverse tapestry of attractions, from cutting-edge space exploration to vibrant cultural experiences and culinary delights. This article unveils the myriad reasons why Houston deserves a spot on your travel itinerary.

Space City:
  1. NASA’s Johnson Space Center:
    • Awe-Inspiring Exploration: Immerse yourself in the wonders of space exploration at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. Engage with interactive exhibits, witness astronaut training, and marvel at the historic artifacts that chronicle humanity’s journey beyond our planet.
  2. Space Center Houston:
    • Educational and Entertaining: The official visitor center of NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Space Center Houston offers a hands-on experience with space artifacts, educational exhibits, and the captivating Space Shuttle Independence.
Cultural Kaleidoscope:
  1. Museum District:
    • Artistic Riches: Houston’s Museum District boasts an array of world-class museums, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.
  2. Theater and Performing Arts:
    • Cultural Performances: Enjoy Broadway productions, ballet, opera, and symphony performances at Houston’s renowned theaters, including the Alley Theatre and the Houston Symphony.
  3. Buffalo Bayou Park:
    • Nature and Art Merge: Wander through the picturesque Buffalo Bayou Park, where outdoor art installations coexist with walking and biking trails, providing a serene escape within the city.
Culinary Delights:
  1. Diverse Dining Scene:
    • Global Flavors: Houston’s culinary scene reflects its cultural diversity. Indulge in Tex-Mex, barbecue, international cuisines, and innovative gastronomic experiences in the city’s vibrant neighborhoods.
  2. Houston’s Food Halls:
    • Epicurean Adventures: Explore food halls like Finn Hall and Conservatory, where a medley of culinary offerings showcases the city’s gastronomic prowess.
Green Spaces and Outdoor Recreation:
  1. Hermann Park:
    • Relaxation and Recreation: Hermann Park offers a retreat with its lush gardens, pedal boats on McGovern Lake, and the Houston Zoo, making it a perfect spot for families and nature enthusiasts.
  2. Discovery Green:
    • Urban Oasis: Discover Green is a dynamic urban park hosting events, concerts, and recreational activities, providing a vibrant green space in the heart of downtown Houston.
Sports Enthusiasts’ Paradise:
  1. Professional Sports:
    • Cheer for the Home Teams: Houston boasts professional sports teams, including the Astros (MLB), Texans (NFL), Rockets (NBA), and Dynamo (MLS), offering sports enthusiasts a thrilling experience.

Space exploration

Texas BBQ


Music scene

Parks & gardens

African-American history

Vietnamese culture

Performing arts

Pro sports

Houston travel guide - shopping malls

Shopping malls

Traveling to Houston: General Information

Houston has a cosmopolitan and relaxed vibe. With more than 2.2 million residents, the city attracts visitors who never miss an opportunity to admire this blend of world-class art, booming business, professional sports and award-winning cuisine.

Now Houston is finally getting the recognition it deserves. National headlines regularly cite Houston as a must-see city and even call it the “Cool New South Capital” (GQ).

It must also be said that “Space City” also enjoys a pleasant climate with mild temperatures all year round. Take the time to explore the eclectic neighborhoods to experience a hint of culture, gallery spaces and attractions, which offer diverse flavors only found here.

Houston is home to some of Texas’s most popular attractions including the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center which was at the heart of the aerospace race during the 1960s and is still active in interstellar exploration.

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A must for history lovers? The San Jacinto monument marks the very spot where Texas gained independence from Mexico. Nearby is the battleship USS Texas, which fought to maintain America’s freedom during World War II.

The Houston Zoo has long been a favorite stopover for residents and visitors to the Houston area. More recently, the Downtown Aquarium has also caught the attention of visitors. Houston also has an impressive number of museums, including the Buffalo Soldier Museum, the Holocaust Museum, the Museum of Natural Science, the Museum of Fine Arts and many more.

Sports fans also have a lot to look forward to in Houston, whatever the season. The University of Houston and Rice University offer a full complement of NCAA divisions, men and women. Reliant Stadium hosts the Houston Bowl, a DI college football game. Professionally, the NBA Rockets, NFL Texans and MLB Astros have all made Houston their home.

Houston is also a popular stop for shopping enthusiasts. From the upscale Galleria in the heart of town to the sprawling Katy Mills Mall on the outskirts, Houston is home to thousands of boutiques.

When it comes to dining, Houston offers some of the best and most diverse restaurants in the country. From seafood to steaks, Tex-Mex to Indian, Houston is home to almost every style of food.

Houston also hosts a number of festivals and events throughout the year. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is by far the biggest event of the year, attracting hundreds of thousands of people each time. Houston is also home to the Houston International Festival, Texas Hot Sauce Festival, and many more.

Houston Outings

A detour to La Carafe, a real Houston institution, is a must. Just like the Red Cat, a benchmark for jazz and even blues. Unless you buy a canvas at the Aurora Picture Show, an independent cinema unique in Texas, installed in an old wooden church from the 1920s or even at the River Oaks cinema, another unique cinema hall.

Transportation in Houston

Despite the many traffic jams, the car is king in Houston and a rental car in Houston is essential. If only to travel on freeway 610 which more than just a freeway, is a real special city mindset in Houston where it defines a lifestyle. This Interstate 610 is like a peripheral to the city it is nicknamed the loop 610 (the loop 610) or simply the loop (the loop)

Not to be missed in Houston (Houston travel guide)

Houston touristic sights

 Allen S Landing Finesilver Gallery
 Anya Tish Gallery G Gallery
 Art De Zeta Gallery Hernandez G Studio-art Gallery
 Crossline Art Gallery Hou Parks Recreation Prod
 Downtown Aquarium Houston Center For Contmporary Art
 Emiliano S Van Tours Houston Civic Garden Center


 Antique Car Museum Byzantine Fresco Chapel Museum
 Art League Of Houston Childrens Museum
 Bayou Bend Collection And Gardens Contemporary Arts Museum
 Blaffer Gallery-univ Of Houston Health Museum
 Buffalo Soldiers National Museum Holocaust Museum Houston
 Burke Baker Planetarium Houston Fire Museum

Historical monumen

 George Bush Monument Sam Houston Statue


Park & Ride-eastwood Transit CenterBuffalo Bayou Park
Sam Houston ParkHouston Arboretum & Nature Center

Houston’s entertainment venues

 Alley Theatre Jesse H Jones Hall
 Ensemble Theatre Mainstreet Theatre
 Express Theatre Masquerade Theatre
 Gus S Wortham Theater Center Miller Outdoor Theatre
 Hobby Center For The Performing Art Music Hall
 Interactive Theater Revels Houston

Conclusion: Embrace the Houston Experience

Houston captivates visitors with a blend of space-age marvels, cultural treasures, culinary adventures, and outdoor escapades. Whether you’re gazing at the stars at NASA or savoring the flavors of diverse cuisines, Houston invites you to explore, indulge, and make lasting memories in Space City.

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