Google Meet | What Is It and How Do You Use Them?

Google Meet

Discover Google Meet! Meet, formerly known as Hangouts Meet, is Google’s video conferencing service designed for business people. It allows companies to organize video conferences easily.

Creating meetings is easy, as is inviting your contacts: just send an automatically generated link. Participants just need to have a Google account.

The free version allows you to create a meeting, initiating a video call of up to 1 hour (up to 24 hours until March 31, 2021) with a maximum number of 100 participants. There is no restriction on the number of meeting creation, you can create as many as you want.

Meet is part of Google’s software suite for professionals, G Suite. You can test the G Suite Essentials plan for $ 8 per active user per month, which gives you access to a maximum meeting time of 300 hours. You can invite up to 150 participants and create an unlimited number of meetings.

There’s also a G Suite for Business plan, which lets you create meetings for up to 250 attendees and live streaming for more than 100,000 attendees. With this plan, you can save your meetings in a Google Drive. To find out the prices of this plan, you must contact the Google sales department.

How to create a Google Meet?

Go to Google Meet. click on Participate. Start an instant meeting: Create a meeting and join it directly. Schedule in Google Calendar: You are redirected to Google Calendar to schedule a meeting.

How to use Google Meet on computer and smartphone?

As long as you have a Google account (and therefore, a gmail address), you can use Google Meet. On your computer, you can go directly to to use it, but the easiest way is to go through your mailbox. On Gmail, at the bottom of the left side panel, you will find two options: “Start a meeting”, and “Join a meeting”.

To create a meeting

By choosing to create a meeting, you will then be prompted to give Google Meet permission to use the camera and microphone. Then you just need to click on “Join the meeting“, then send the login details shared by Google to the people you want to invite to the virtual meeting.

For this, several options are possible: you can either manually add your contacts – found in your contact list on Gmail – or send a connection code to them, or even give them a number to call if access to internet is not possible.

To join a meeting in progress

To join a meeting in progress, the principle remains the same: all you have to do is enter the connection code provided to you after clicking on “Join the meeting” in Gmail. You will then be redirected to the virtual meeting.

On a smartphone

On a smartphone, the process is even simpler. Google has in fact integrated Google Meet by default in its software suite for mobile devices.

On Android, the application will generally be installed by default, depending on the brand of your smartphone. If not, a quick tour of the Play Store will suffice to install it.

On iPhone, you will necessarily have to go through the App Store to download it. Once Google Meet is installed on your smartphone, sign in with your Google account, allow access to the camera and microphone, then you can start a meeting or join a meeting in progress, just like on a web browser.

As a reminder, Google Meet allows you to host meetings for up to 100 participants at a time. While Google’s video conferencing solution does not currently have any time limit, video calls will be limited to 60 minutes as of September 30.

To stand out from Zoom, Google relies on a panoply of privacy protection, with features such as the ability to accept or deny the entry of a meeting to a user, to mute certain people or to delete some participants. Everything is, of course, fully encrypted.

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