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Coke Ads With Pigeons

Coke Ads With Pigeons

Coca-Cola written in pigeons in St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy. This Coke ads with pigeons is very creative in the 60s, Coca-Cola decided to treat themselves to an original advertisement in an iconic place, taking advantage of the invasion of pigeons in Saint Mark’s Square in Venice they placed a large quantity of birdseed on the paving stones following the shape of the letters of the mark.
As soon as the pigeons came to devour this offering, a photographer took this shot.

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Street marketing

Street marketing is a promotion technique that uses the street as the main field of expression. This practice is used more for proximity communication in order to create traffic to a specific point of sale, physical or digital. This technique appeared in the 1980s, in the United States, with the distribution of leaflets in the street, carried out by hostesses. Nowadays, brands use this strategy, through a race for originality: all “media” or animations are made to attract the attention of passers-by.

The advantages of street marketing

Street marketing can be used for the launch of a product, a promotional campaign, to raise awareness of your brand, to offer promotional gift items or to test products.

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Beyond its low cost and efficiency, street marketing has other advantages, such as:

Make your activity known
Stand out from competition
Surprise and capture attention
Create proximity and therefore loyalty
Trigger a viral effect

But before the event, serious work must be done upstream in order to guarantee the success of your project:

Identification of targets
Identification of places
Implementation and organization of the idea
Promotion of creativity
Enhancement of interactivity
Use of social networks to relay information

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Photo credit: Pictures from Italy

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