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Second Epistle of Peter

The Second Epistle of John (Bible John 2) is one of the letters contained in the New Testament in the Christian Bible addressed to a church to give some clues as to the attitude the Christian churches should take towards those who are known to have spread heretical teachings. This letter was written by the “church leader” (Apostle John) to the “Mother chosen of God” and to his beloved children. Perhaps what is meant by “Mother and her children” is a church and its members.

Second John and Third John are the two shortest books in the Bible. The shortest book in the English language is different depending on which translation (version) you look at. For example, in the New International Version 2 John is the shortest book with only 302 words but in the King James Version (Authorized Version) 3 John is the shortest with only 295 words. However, Second John has the fewest verses in the Bible with only 1 chapter made up of only 13 verses.

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Bible 2 John

2Jn 1:1 I, a ruler in the church, send word to the noble sister who is of God’s selection, and to her children, for whom I have true love; and not only I, but all who have knowledge of what is true;
2Jn 1:2 Because of this true knowledge which is in us, and will be with us for ever:
2Jn 1:3 May grace, mercy, and peace be with us from God the Father, and from Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in all true love.
2Jn 1:4 It gave me great joy to see some of your children walking in the true way, even as we were ordered to do by the Father.
2Jn 1:5 And now, my sister, I make a request to you, not sending you a new law, but the law which we had from the first, that we have love for one another.
2Jn 1:6 And love is the keeping of his laws. This is the law which was given to you from the first, so that you might keep it.
2Jn 1:7 Because a number of false teachers have gone out into the world, who do not give witness that Jesus Christ came in the flesh. Such a one is a false teacher and Antichrist.
2Jn 1:8 Keep watch over yourselves, so that you do not make our work of no effect, but may get your full reward.
2Jn 1:9 Anyone who goes on and does not keep to the teaching of Christ, has not God: he who keeps to the teaching has the Father and the Son.
2Jn 1:10 If anyone comes to you not having this teaching, do not take him into your house or give him words of love:
2Jn 1:11 For he who gives him words of love has a part in his evil works.
2Jn 1:12 Having much to say to you, it is not my purpose to put it all down with paper and ink: but I am hoping to come to you, and to have talk with you face to face, so that your joy may be full.
2Jn 1:13 The children of your noble sister, who is of God’s selection, send you their love.

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