Best Diving Sites in Nusa Penida, Bali

Best diving sites in nusa penida

Best Dive Sites in Nusa Penida (Bali)

The majority of diving clubs in Nusa Lembongan and even Bali make the trip to Penida diving sites. Here is a brief description of the most famous and the best diving sites in Nusa Penida:

  • PED
  • SD

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Here are the best diving sites in Nusa Penida:

Northern sites: Toyapakeh, Ped, SD

The north of the island consists of many drift dive sites with beautiful corals.

Access: Access 10 minutes by boat from Toyapakeh

Coral condition: The coral wall is in perfect condition and offers incredible diversity in some places.

Fish species: Great diversity of reef and pelagic fish. Opportunity to see molas/sunfish and even whale sharks

Current: Weak, moderate, strong and very strong depending on the tides. The currents normally go in the same direction and these sites can become a perfect place for those who are new to the current

Visibility: Visibility 20m-40m.

SD diving site. One of the best diving Nusa Penida diving sites. Tilonaut, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


Crystal Bay is a protected bay that opens onto the strait between Lembongan and Penida.

Access: 15 minutes by boat to the mola-mola/sunfish cleaning stations of Cristal Bay in Nusa Penida

Coral condition: Very good coverage and diversity in some places. Some places are very damaged following the passage of storms in July 2018

Fish species: Good variety, from macro to very large. One of the best places to see mola-mola/sunfish, turtles, sharks. Antennarius and rare creatures are also in the game, even if often ignored by divers in need of big

Current: Moderate. This is not a drift dive site. Expect to face current. The wall is reserved for experienced divers given the powerful currents, descending or ascending!

Visibility: Visibility 30m-50m. The name of the site comes from the high visibility!

Crystal Clear Bay in Nusa Penida. Tilonaut, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons


High cliffs on the southern coasts. Beautiful views both underwater and on the surface.

Access: Access 45 minutes by boat

Coral condition: Good variety of corals but the swell prevents them from growing vertically.

Fish species: The resident manta ray population of South Nusa Penida amounts to several hundred individuals. Some clubs assure that manta rays are present all year round, but we prefer to insist that the sea is not an aquarium or a zoo, although there is more chance of encountering these superb creatures than of not see them. Manta rays are attracted by the quantity of plankton present in the water, on which they feed.

Current: Low Current. The difficulty of the site comes from the swell which can reach several meters.

Visibility: from 10m to 30m.

Manta Point in Nusa Penida. Tilonaut, CC BY 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Sources: VillaCarissaBali, PinterPandai

Photo credit (main picture): Author: Wikivoyage member Burmesedays (CC BY-SA 4.0) via Wikimedia Commons

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