Bat Dream Meaning

Bat dream meaning

Bat Dream Meaning

Symbolizes: confusion, change and transformation, things or people that you need to get rid of and move on with your life. Bat dream meaning symbolize emotional confusion and frustation. Maybe someone promised you something, but it never paid off. A bat in a dream might signify dark thoughts coming from your subconscious. Maybe you have filled in some negative emotions and feelings for a while, and now they want to get out.

Bats can represent things that you are not aware of. Such a dream might serve as a warning to scrutinize all the facts, before making a decision or judgment. They can also symbolize entering a situation without thinking first. Perhaps such a dream refers to blind actions or decisions.

Bats are animals that symbolize night and shadow. The bat is also a symbol of things that are dirty, or impure. Usually negative connotations are associated with it. They represent a kind of threat of bad things to happen soon.

The dream meaning of many bats

Dreaming of seeing lots of bats. A dream in which you saw a lot of bats might signify some changes coming soon in your life. Maybe you will drastically change your style or you may even become part of a dangerous group or environment.

Dreaming about someone being attacked by black bats

If you saw someone being attacked by black bats in your dream, the dream might signify that the person is facing some personal problems.

Flying bat dream meaning

Flying bats are almost always a symbol of darkness and fear of the unknown, such as demons, vampires, etc. They often predict sadness and disturbance in the near future.

Although flying bats have a very negative symbolism, it is also important how you feel in the dream. If you are happy and satisfied, such a dream does not have to be a negative sign at all. If you are unhappy and disturbed, this dream might predict something bad or it could signify your own negativity.

Sometimes the bat can signify some other negative people from your environment. Sometimes a flying bat in a dream can also mean that you have freed yourself from some bad and negative things, burdens, worries, influence, responsibility, etc.

A flying bat in your dream is a bad sign and may be a bad sign foretelling depression and sadness in the near future.

Because bats have very sensitive hearing, a dream about bats might symbolize your extreme sensitivity to other people’s misfortunes and problems. If that is the case, this dream might be a message to stop involving yourself as much as possible in other people’s problems and try to focus on yourself for a change.

Most likely there are things and needs that you neglect to preoccupy yourself with other people’s problems.

The dream meaning of a bat hanging on a cave wall

Dreaming about a bat hanging on a wall in a cave. If you dreamed about a bat still hanging on the wall, such dream might predict something bad happens to someone close to you in the near future, which will not affect you.

Bats hanging on the wall

Bats hanging on the wall may be a sign of your high sensitivity and awareness of the things that are happening around you. Such a dream may be a sign of a developed intuition and an inner understanding of things.

Dreaming of seeing bats

If you saw a bat in your dream, the dream might symbolize distraction and impurity. Sometimes it is a sign that you need to get rid of some bad habits.

Dreaming about 1 flying bat

If you saw bats flying in your dream, such dream might predict something bad is coming your way, but fortunately you are in control of the situation.

Dream meaning of a swarm of bats (a large or dense group of flying bats)

If you saw a swarm of bats flying near you in your dream, such a dream is usually not a good sign and represents something bad coming soon, unfortunately, without the possibility of avoiding it or changing anything.

The dream meaning of a bat flying to you

Dreaming of a bat flying to you. If you had a dream in which a bat was flying right inside your body this dream might be a bad sign and may be a warning of a possible threat to you in the near future.

Dreaming of catching a bat

If you caught a bat in your dream actually it is a good sign to predict that you may soon get rid of some troubles or enemies.

Dreaming of being attacked by bats

If a bat attacked you in a dream, such dream might be a sign that you need to get out of trouble soon.

Dream meaning of a big bat at home

Dreams about bats in your house usually do not bode well. This may indicate that the current atmosphere in your home is negative or that you have problems with its safety, which are bothering you.

This dream might also symbolize your current state of mind, filled with negative things due to negative emotions and thoughts that have accumulated inside. Also read: Meaning of Dreams Home

Vampire bat dream meaning

Dreaming about a vampire bat. The vampire bat is a species of bat that feeds on blood. If you saw a vampire bat in your dream, the dream might reveal that someone has drained you in your life.

It’s possible that someone is breaking your self-confidence or constantly taking something away from you. You have to think about who makes you feel that way and try your best to avoid it.

To dream of a vampire bat can also indicate that you are being “drained” of your confidence or resources. Someone in your life may find joy in abusing you emotionally and putting you down.

Dreaming about someone killing a bat

If you saw someone killing a bat in your dream, the dream might signify hurting the feelings of those close to you, with your irresponsible and rude behavior, and you will regret it later. Also read: Dream Meaning Killer

Dreaming of seeing a dead bat

To dream of a dead bat is an omen of bad luck. If you saw a dead bat in your dream this dream might signify a person or people from your life who are ungrateful for the help you are doing for them.

To dream of dead bats is not a good sign, they indicate that certain unexpected dangers have been thwarted by outside forces. Maybe someone has not been protecting your particular danger without you knowing it.

Dreaming about being bitten by a bat

If a bat attacked or bit you in a dream, such dream may refer to someone close to you will bring your attention to something very important to you.

The dream meaning of a bat attacking someone

Dreaming about a bat attacking someone. If you saw a bat attacking someone in your dream, such dream might signify that luckily your burdensome work assignment will be assigned to someone else.

Dream about affraid of bats

If you were afraid of bats in your dream, such dream might foretell an accident that will happen to you soon, and from there you will soon recover.

The dream meaning of a bat’s nest

If you saw a bat’s nest in a dream, maybe this dream is a sign that you will be angry about something in the near future. If a nest is in your house, perhaps this dream reveals that your vices will have a negative impact on your family members.

The dream meaning of killing a bat
To kill a bat in a dream suggests that you remove certain negative thoughts from your mind, however it is usually done by removing yourself from negative influences and negative people in waking life. It should be noted that negative thoughts are not so bad or evil, but rather negative lines and inactive thoughts.

Dream meaning of bats flying during the day

To dream of bats flying during the day, gives the impression that you have to move forward in difficult times. There may be situations where you are forced to move under bad circumstances, but you have to keep moving to get to your comfort zone.

The meaning of dreams of bat poop

Facing, seeing or finding bat poop in a dream is associated with unclean and inappropriate gain or gain. However, the dream signifies that you have the power to use illegal profits for good by reinvesting those profits into important people.

Bat wings

Wearing or seeing bat wings in a dream, reflects that you have to be agile and quick in making decisions. It foretells that you may need to act on your instincts to face the obstacles that will come. A dream suggests that you may not have all the information available, but rely on your basic senses and intuition.

Albino bat dream meaning

A white or albino bat in your dream can signify the death of a family member, usually due to old age or long-term illness.

Dream meaning of a big or giant bat

Big or Giant Dream Bat refers to a specific problem that you have chosen to ignore. Pay close attention and be very smart when investigating and considering all hidden and obvious facts. There may be some obvious, obvious items that you missed. Look to past illusions for truth.

Colors of bat dream meaning

Green bat

The green bat in a dream refers to your excellent communication skills. Follow your intuition to find out hidden things that other people don’t say in person. With that information in mind, you’ll understand what’s going on and what to do.

Brown bat

To dream of a brown bat hints that you may want to re-evaluate your life and see if you are taking decisions blindly. You may have some dark feelings that have been covered up and trying to get out.

White bat dream meaning

A white bat in a dream, symbolizes an unexpected and spontaneous joy.

Black bat dream meaning

Black bat in a dream is a bad sign. It may signal the death of a member of your family. Black bats are especially a sign of disaster approaching your life. A black bat in your dream might be a sign of experiencing personal misfortune in the days to come.

Dream meaning of a bat on a fruit

Bat in fruit in a dream refers to a hidden disease that is in a harmless appearance. Beware of other people who seem innocent, even if they are by no means direct harm to you. Becoming closer to them can be bad for your overall well-being.

Dream meaning of bats as pets

Having a pet bat in a dream indicates that you need to face and “own” things that may be frightening or foreign to you. Embracing the new and the unknown as your own, you will find joy and fulfillment through your courage and hard work.

Baby bat dream meaning

The dream of a baby bat, is often divided in two on the one hand, luck, and on the other hand a nightmare which is, you must know, a bad omen if you are afraid or anxious when you see a baby bat.

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Meaning of Dreams and Psychology

Sigmund Freud is a psychologist and founder of the school of psychoanalysis in the field of psychology. Psychoanalyst is a way to get in detail emotional experiences that can be the source or cause of mental disorders and behavior.

According to Freud, soul life has 3 levels of consciousness:

Pre-conscious (preconscious)
The concept of Freud’s most famous theory is that there is a subconscious that controls most behavior.

What Does The Dream Reveal?

Some dreams are easier than others to interpret, but be careful! This can be a trap. Do not rely on systematic “clear” interpretations as you will have to decipher the language of dreams using suggestions or imagery.

In order to understand the meaning of the dream element, you must know the meaning yourself and associate other dream meanings and only in the context of this whole will prove to you the true meaning of the dream.

Do All Dreams Have Hidden Meanings?

That question has no definite answer. Some people will say yes and we can’t prove it right or wrong. Some dreams may have a “hidden” meaning in the form of a metaphor or symbol, but many dreams are just “random images” usually taken from the events of our life.

Dreams Are Communication From the Subconscious

Although there has always been an interest in interpreting the meaning of human dreams, it was not until the late 19th century that Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung put forward some of the most widely known modern dream theories.

Freud’s theory centers on the idea of ​​repressed “longing / feeling” – the idea that dreaming allows us to sort out unresolved and oppressed desires.

Carl Jung (who studied under Freud) also believed that dreams have psychological importance, but proposed a different theory about their meaning. For the famous dream psychologist Carl Jung, drowning in water is a symbol of an archetypal pattern. Drowning in the tub suggests hidden depth. If you see other people drowning in your dream it means that you are trying to find something dark and hidden.

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