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Aquarius zodiac horoscope

Aquarius Zodiac (January 21 – February 19)

Each zodiac sign corresponds to a specific temperament! Everything depends on the stars that were in the sky when you were born. The energy of the stars, but also those of the moon and the sun are taken into account in the construction of your personality. And you Aquarius Zodiac, what are your temperament and your state of mind?

Aquarius character (January 21 – February 19)

Guided by the air element, Aquarius flies from one direction to another! Characterized by his originality, he likes to constantly discover new things, new people. In short, he loves change and keeps all routine away from it! He likes to travel to discover new landscapes, new cultures. Sociable, he prefers his friends to his family. Independent, he lives his celibacy well! Justin Timberlake is of this sign.

Aquarius sign profile

Among the different meanings of astrological signs, today let’s take a look at the character of Aquarius: they are captivating people with a very strong personality. The interest they arouse in those close to them is due to their innovative, inventive, idealistic, and also original character. However, they have great esteem for conventions and traditions which they scrupulously respect despite their sense of modernism. They are distinguished from other astro signs by their audacity and by their temperament which tends towards non-conformism. Indeed, they like to surprise and go in the opposite direction. Such behavior is due to the fact that these natives are under the aegis of Uranus, known for his impetuosity and turbulence.

Whether it’s the Aquarius woman or the Aquarius man, both sexes often come across as casual and carefree people. A deceptive appearance that can mislead others because they are coherent, constant and stable beings who take the time to analyze things well before making a decision. Although this is an air sign, they are people who have their feet firmly on the ground and are steadfast as they stand by their opinions and beliefs.

In friendship, they are loyal and truly love their loved ones. Incapable of playing hypocrites, their sincerity and friendship are pure. They do not hesitate to help others if they have the means.

To remember: The penultimate of the astrological signs of the zodiac, Aquarius represents hope and dreams. He is intelligent but he is also an idealist. Aquarius natives are somewhat introverted people, which makes them appear cold and distant. But deep down, they seek to enter into communication with others. The person born under the sign of Aquarius is a person who loves freedom. It is mainly due to its independence. Aquarius is also a generous person because he likes to help himself and help others. He is also a special being and when he sees others to their delight, he is delighted too.

He is someone who loves travel because he appreciates change and new experiences. His main quality is his very lively intellectual capacity. But the native of Aquarius is a very nervous being who often has nerves in a ball. He is easily irritable, his reactions can be unpredictable and he is sometimes very stubborn. When he is convinced that he is right, no one can change his mind. Aquarius is also a very intolerant person. Sometimes he makes decisions that are too hasty and bordering on incorrectness.

Health issue he has problems with blood circulation, urinary weakness too. He may have difficulty breathing and a hormonal problem.

The qualities of Aquarius

Your openness

An Aquarius is incredibly open-minded and tends to think and do things differently from others. They think for themselves and like to keep an open mind. They don’t like to judge a book by its cover.

Your creativity

Aquarians have a creative mind. They pride themselves on using art as a means of expression. Due to their independent nature, they won’t follow the crowd, which is why they thrive in the realms of creativity.

Your freedom

An Aquarius is a true free spirit, which means that any attempt to keep them from being who they really are will turn them away from you. As an air sign, they need their own space and freedom to work on their revolutionary ideas.

Your intellectual side

They are an intellectual genius and can amaze others with their original ideas. Aquarians are intellectual rebels and will stand up for their opinions loud and clear. They have great power to form and understand abstract concepts.

Your penchant (preference or desire) for humanitarianism

This sign is the most humanitarian of the 12 signs of the zodiac. They are kind, compassionate, and truly enjoy working in the service of humanity. Aquarius has a big heart and a quiet corner for all the humanitarian issues of the world.

The sign Aquarius in love

On the love side, in free electrons, Aquarians adore their freedom and respect that of their half as well. They find it very difficult to thrive in an overly restrictive relationship and suffer greatly if they are not free in their decisions and in their lives. This relentless craving for freedom can have an impact on their desire to live together. This fear may deter them from signing up. However, if they do fall in love, married life is still possible as long as the relationship does not stifle them and they can continue to thrive. Despite their character that prevents them from openly demonstrating their love, Aquarians are loving, very tolerant and selfless people. For them, true love is selfless. They love their partner for who they really are, everything around doesn’t matter, and there is no material interest. Aquarians in love are able to sacrifice everything for love, without asking for their remainder. However, their rebellious character can resurface after a relationship ends. Indeed, if for some reason the breakup becomes the only way out, Aquarians will not hesitate to separate from their partner, without bothering to warn.

Aquarius is not at all inclined to marriage and since he is someone who loves and wants to preserve his freedom, appearing before the competent authorities to bind his life does not tempt him. For him, social conventions are only apparent marks. He can very well live in harmony and in free union with his companion. It is only when he has a child that he is able to revise his way of seeing things. And when Aquarius feels trapped, they’d rather run away or even retract. His partner must therefore discover what will spice up his married life to prevent routine from setting in, a situation that Aquarius hates. Aquarius is a being of contradiction. He can be at the same time a lively person, reactionary but also secret because he does not open up easily.

Discover in detail the personalities of the


During this year, Aquarians need to invest a lot, especially in their professional life. A situation that can be grueling. To stay in shape, you need to adopt a balanced and healthy life, taking care of yourself.


The unforeseen can be numerous and you have to face them by knowing how to bounce back each time. By outdoing themselves and showing their notoriety, Aquarians can be very successful. This fighting attitude is an excellent springboard for their career.


Efforts at work pay off. The financial situation of Aquarians is flourishing with a rise in living standards.


This year is not a good time for singles to meet a soul mate, however adventures can exist. It’s time for problem couples to put their differences aside and strengthen their love. Now is also the perfect time to take the next step and really formalize a relationship, maybe with an engagement, or even a wedding. Otherwise, if the situation escalates, a decision must be made and parted if necessary in order to start over.

Friendship: Unfounded relationships just waste time unnecessarily.

7 things to know about this astrological sign

Famous people native to the Aquarius astrological sign: Jules Verne, Jacques Prévert, Phil Collins, Roosevelt.
The element is: air.
Its colors: green, purple and indigo.
The mineral: sapphire.
His numbers: 7, 14 and 20. His lucky numbers are 1 and 7.
The day of the week: Saturday.
Astrological Ascendant: Discover your complete profile here: Aquarius and his ascendants.
Compatibility of Aquarius and other signs
Which sign gets along best with Aquarius? Question compatibility, Aquarius gets along very well with a native of Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius. On the other hand, it is not compatible with Capricorn, Cancer and Pisces.

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