White oily sebum on nose (oil that skin produces) | How to get rid of oily nose shine?

White oily sebum on nose

White Oily Sebum on Nose

This white oily sebum on nose (or waxy matter) sebum is the production of oil glands, these are not comedones (blocked oil glands) and can not be lost 100%. The use of skin care or treatment from a doctor can improve, but cannot be lost 100% because our bodies naturally produce it every day.

If you have combination or oily skin, you probably have a nose that gradually becomes oily throughout the day. We’ll give you tips on how to fix it.

Biological functions of sebum

In addition to its role as a protective barrier, sebum also has antibacterial properties, conferred by oleic and palmitoleic acids, as well as antioxidant properties, conferred among other things by vitamin E.


  • To protect the skin and scalp from external aggressions;
  • Maintaining the hydration of the epidermis (sebum is part of the composition of the hydrolipidic film of the skin) in the event of high temperatures, it slows down the evaporation of water from the skin. Perspiration is thus limited and the risk of dehydration reduced;
  • To the suppleness and softness of the epidermis;
  • Balances the bacterial flora of the skin.

How to calm the activity of the sebaceous glands?

Hypersecretion of sebum or excessive seborrhea is responsible for acne and oily hair. Why this excess sebum? The activity of the sebaceous glands varies during the periods of life. They are more activated at puberty, under the influence of androgen hormones, mainly testosterone.

Their activity also increases in women at certain stages of the menstrual cycle. It’s not just a hormonal problem! Diet, medication and certain factors such as heredity influence sebum production. Stress also increases inflammatory markers.

To regulate sebum production naturally, adopt a healthy and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

HOW TO GET RID OF White Oily Sebum on Nose?


To remedy this excess sebum and try to control it, you must cleanse your face morning and evening in order to eliminate impurities and excess sebum. Bleu de Peau’s organic facial cleanser is made of lime blossom and aloe vera, so it will gently cleanse your skin without attacking it. Aloe vera will also soothe the skin. It also helps prevent the development of blackheads and the appearance of pimples and blemishes on your nose. Remember to use a gentle cleansing gel or foam that won’t irritate your skin.


Face masks can directly treat excess sebum, and the skin in general. If your nose is the only part of the face affected by this problem, you can apply a purifying mask to this area. The organic face mask from Bleu de Peau will purify your skin and regulate your excess sebum. Composed of green clay and aloe vera, the mask will gently cleanse your skin.


You should not try to dry out your face, even if the first idea you have when you see that your face is oily is to clean it as often as possible. This idea is to be banished. Your skin certainly does not need lipids, which are present in nourishing products, but it does need water, i.e. hydration. Use a moisturizer adapted to your problem.


If you still can’t manage the shine on your nose, you can use a mattifying powder, which you will apply with a brush. This absorbs excess sebum, and depending on the product you choose, it can also refine the skin texture. You will be matte all day long.

Now excess sebum will no longer stress you out and won’t be a problem! To you the matte nose!

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Information: Cleverly Smart is not a substitute for a doctor. Always consult a doctor to treat your health condition.

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