Tips for Finding Cheap Hotels | With online hotel price comparison

Tips for finding cheap hotels

Tips for Finding Cheap Hotels

Hello travelers! Looking for a budget hotel for your next vacation? But where to sleep cheaply and how to book a hotel to take advantage of the best prices? Here are tips and tricks for finding cheaper accommodation on vacation, thanks in particular to online hotel comparators and tips for finding cheap hotels.

The earlier you book your hotel, the less you will pay

Like airlines, hotel reservations are very interesting when you do it in advance. Not only is the choice wider, but the hotels offer more attractive prices well in advance to ensure that their rooms are filled.
The good news is that unlike booking a flight, you don’t have to pay a deposit when booking your room. You can therefore plan your stay serenely at the best price without worrying about finding a last-minute hotel at a high price.

This advice is particularly valid if you go in high season, on the other hand, if you go in low season, you can wait until the last to book your room and negotiate a price reduction. But for more security, it is better to explore the various hotels that interest you as soon as possible and to launch alerts to discover unmissable offers and pay for your room at a low price.

Subscribe to hotel group newsletters

Hotels, whether or not they are part of a hotel group, are increasingly offering newsletters to build customer loyalty and attract newcomers to their website. Do not hesitate to subscribe and take advantage of the good deals they offer: special offers such as “two nights for the price of one”, discounts, promotional offers, etc.

Use hotel comparators and launch alerts

With nearly 500,000 hotels referenced around the world, choosing the right hotel, ideally located and at the best price can quickly become a real headache. Fortunately, many hotel comparators and travel agencies help you make the right choice on the destinations of your choice, thanks to the filters offered to facilitate your search:

  • Budget
  • Number of travelers
  • Number of stars
  • Formulas (breakfasts, half board, full board)
  • Customer reviews
  • Type of establishment: hotel chains (Ibis, Kyriad, Campanile, Mercure hotel, Hyatt, Leading Hotels of the Worldetc.), hotel residences, charming hotels, hotel restaurants, youth hostels, spa hotels, grand hotels, luxury hotels, apartment hotels, chalets, etc.
    Services (free wifi, reduced mobility access, air-conditioned rooms, all-you-can-eat buffet, private parking, free parking, flat-screen TV, boutique hotel, outdoor swimming pool, etc.)

In addition, some sites offer discounts on the best hotels that can climb up to almost 70%. Add to that promo codes on your hotel bookings, you can manage to organize stays at very advantageous rates. Especially since these comparators also offer other bookings such as flight + hotel, train + hotel, camping, rental, cruises… If you book your stay on the same site, you can benefit from the best offers.

To do this, do not hesitate to launch alerts via these comparators by specifying your criteria, you will then regularly receive the best discounts of the moment.

And all this in just a few clicks, without spending hours on the net desperately looking for a cheap hotel for your next trip.

Hotel price comparators and booking engine

Check customer reviews

Most booking sites allow Internet users to leave a comment or even give a rating on the hotels they have visited. It is a significant source of information because it reveals positive or negative details that may be important in your decision-making. However, beware of reviews that may seem overly complimentary, they may come from the hotels themselves trying to promote themselves through bogus reviews. If these reviews (positive or negative) use similar language, they are generally unreliable. Give preference to reasoned and personalized opinions.

Consider alternative accommodations

There are other ways to find cheap accommodation for your stay. For example, youth hostels have revisited their concept to offer low-cost accommodation with comfortable rooms and services that did not exist before (wifi connection, integrated bathroom, etc.). If you are looking for a little privacy, some hostels offer fully equipped private rooms with good value for money.

Campsites, B&Bs, lodges and apartments are alternatives to hotels that can be interesting. Thus, you can find an apartment of the same standard as a hotel for 20 to 50% less, with the addition of the possibility of cooking on site and therefore reducing your catering costs. Finally, to enjoy friendly accommodation off the beaten track, gîtes and Bed and Breakfasts cost on average half the price of a hotel room and offer you a warm and intimate welcome. Ideal for a getaway, a short stay or a weekend.

And if you are looking for vacation rentals in the heart of nature for a family vacation, the campsites are perfect with levels of services at all prices.

Traveling out of season, Tips for finding cheap hotels

This is advice that applies to all facets of your trip. Booking out of season allows you to enjoy the same services at a lower price. Off-season travel is the friend of small budgets and cheap hotels! Be careful, the high season is not the same everywhere in the world. In the southern hemisphere, it is winter while in France it is July August. For Nordic destinations, check the amount of sunshine at the time of your trip (in some places, it only takes 2 hours during the day!).

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