Pregnancy superstitions and beliefs: should we believe them?

Pregnancy superstitions

Pregnancy superstitions and beliefs: should we REALLY believe them?

Don’t panic: nothing will happen to Baby if you cross your legs during your pregnancy or if you become a chocolate addict. There are many pregnancy superstitions and beliefs… Decryption and interpretations by our two specialists of the superstitions heard by future mothers. The following is a description and interpretations of pregnancy superstitions that are often heard by mothers-to-be and many moms.

Every pregnancy costs the mother a tooth TRUE, IN PART

The opinion of the gynecologist: Pregnancy increases the risk of dental problems, in particular because of gastroesophageal reflux. Acidity can weaken teeth.

The opinion of the psychologist: This is an image behind which hides the idea that pregnancy is hard to live with since the mother will have to “leave a tooth” there, therefore her health…

Round belly, it’s a boy, pointed belly, a girl. FAKE

The opinion of the gynecologist: The uterus behaves in the same way whether it is a girl or a boy. The aspect of the abdomen is related to the muscles of the mother.
The psychologist’s opinion: This belief reflects the desire to have a girl or a boy instead… If the future parents want a boy, they will find that the belly is very round! If the expectation concerning sex is strong, it is preferable to check on the ultrasound that you are indeed expecting a girl or a boy to avoid disappointments at birth and force yourself to think differently about this imaginary baby.

There are more deliveries on full moon evenings (but also during storms and high tides). TRUE AND FALSE

The gynecologist’s opinion: On the INSEE data, there is no variation in deliveries according to the moon. The only variation that exists is the increase in births around September 24 for several years: the famous Christmas babies!
The opinion of the shrink: The moon, like everything that governs us in nature, has an influence on us and therefore on the birth of a child. We cannot therefore refute this idea… However, it seems that the studies have not confirmed it.

Baby hair causes heartburn. FALSE

The gynecologist’s opinion: We also hear that the more heartburn the patient has, the more hair the baby has. This is a received idea which must come from the impression that reflux makes on patients.

The psychologist’s opinion: This belief, which persists, is a way of making discomfort (acid reflux) more acceptable thanks to a better idea (“my baby will have beautiful hair, he won’t be bald ”)…

You have to satisfy your pregnancy cravings, otherwise the baby will wear the stain (from wine, coffee) FALSE

The opinion of the gynecologist: The good excuse! There are no more reasons to satisfy your cravings than to eat for two… Like depriving yourself if the desire is reasonable. The origin of the spots is not related to the behavior of the woman during her pregnancy.

The opinion of the shrink: Another way to give meaning to this stain: “I was denied a desire for pregnancy, here is the result! This belief exists in all countries. Some even say that, if a craving is not satisfied, you must quickly touch yourself in a place that will not be seen (on the buttocks, for example) and especially not the face so that the spot is not seen later on the baby…

Do not cross your legs when you are pregnant Otherwise the cord may wrap around the neck of the fetus FALSE

The opinion of the gynecologist: At best, we do not cross the legs during pregnancy, because this is not good for the return of blood circulation. However, the pregnant woman has more risk of phlebitis (clots in the veins).

The opinion of the shrink: We find this fear on the five continents, mainly in Africa. This idea comes from the principle of analogy: crossing (the legs, a necklace, etc.) would amount to twisting the cord.

If the fetus is calm, it is a girl. If active, it’s a boy. FAKE

The opinion of the gynecologist: This suggests that girls are naturally calm and boys are toned! In general, babies move during their sleep, it has nothing to do with their gender.
The opinion of the shrink: In this imagination, it is thought that the boy will be more active, more athletic than the girl. But without speaking about the sex of the child, more generally, it is imagined that if the baby is very reactive in the belly of its mother, it is that it will be more agitated. And if the parents think such a thing, it will inevitably happen. Parents’ expectations (or what they are told during pregnancy) have a strong influence on children’s unconscious. Thus, as we expect an “active” or “calm” baby, he will become so because the baby will once again meet his parents’ expectations. While the baby has its own behavior and personality.

The second childbirth is always easier than the first TRUE

The opinion of the gynecologist: There is less extraction (forceps, for example…) on a second and the delivery is often faster.

The psychologist’s opinion: The first passage paved the way! And psychologically, there is less fear (we know how it happens), so the body is more relaxed and the opening easier. Unless the first delivery was difficult. In this case, fears prevent the mother-to-be from letting go during the birth. She tenses all her muscles and sends her fear signals to her baby.

If the patient has a marked brown line between the navel and the pubis: it is a boy. FAKE

The gynecologist’s opinion: The brown line is linked to the mother’s end-of-pregnancy hormones.

The psychologist’s opinion: It is amusing to see, in the imagination, that the boy will “mark” the future mother more than the little girl, as if we thought that he was announcing his arrival more strongly…

If the belly of the pregnant woman is high, it is a FALSE boy

The opinion of the gynecologist: If the belly is up, it is because it is generally a first.

The psychologist’s opinion: Once again, this belief reflects the desire of future parents to have a boy or rather a girl. So parents who would prefer to have a little guy will tend to see the belly high (and vice versa)…

If the patient has pain in the navel, it is because the baby is playing with her cord.FALSE

The opinion of the gynecologist: The women must have believed that the navel of the mother was connected to that of the baby.

The psychologist’s opinion: In this imagination, the future mother is directly connected with her baby. This probably comes from the very correct idea that mother and child are in the same energy, that they can communicate with each other physically.

The second pregnancy is always seen faster (the belly grows) TRUE

The opinion of the gynecologist: The muscles of the belly have already been stretched during the first pregnancy, so it is usual to see the belly pointing down (therefore more forward than up).

The psychologist’s opinion: The body of the future mother has already had the signals that a baby is on the way and she has a superb memory. The unconscious remembers that these signals are those that a small being is coming. And the future mother quickly recognizes them.

A pregnant woman should not sew, weave, knit, embroider. FAKE

Same preposterous effect as for the crossing of the legs: risk of strangulation of the baby with the umbilical cord! Just that !

You don’t have to change the cat’s litter box. TRUE

For once, a statement that is a matter of common sense. One of the risks for pregnant women is to contract toxoplasmosis, a disease that affects cats in particular. Granted, the risk is low, and most moms are immune. But ask the future father to change the litter, and this as often as possible. And if you don’t have a cat, now is not the time to get one.

Do not go under a ladder or the baby will be weak at birth. TRUE AND FALSE

This superstition is widespread in Western Europe. Whether it is a convertible (double) ladder or a simple ladder leaning on a wall, the space under the ladder forms a triangle, and as everyone knows, the triangle is the symbol of the Holy Trinity.

It is believed that by passing through this triangle, the woman destroys the Trinity, thus creating problems. The connotations of this superstition are part of the desire to warn the woman of injury should she fall from the ladder. It is assumed that it was more common in the Middle Ages than today. But at the same time, depending on the size of the ladder, some people will not be able to pass under a ladder.

If you eat white food, your baby will be born with light skin. FAKE

In China, India and other countries where white skin is considered a sign of beauty, it is believed that the skin color of babies can be influenced by eating light colored foods.

By the way, the superstition also works the other way around: if you eat dark foods, like drinking lots of coffee and tea, you will have a darker-skinned baby. This is not true: the color of the skin depends on the combination of genes. The superstition is probably related to the fact that colorful fruits and vegetables often cause allergic reactions.

We must not go to the cemetery: it brings bad luck! TRUE AND FALSE

This superstition is widespread in many Arab countries, and also in Israel, Eastern Europe and the Philippines. Ancestor spirits are believed to be able to communicate with the baby, who will be born with a bad temper and cry constantly. On the one hand, this illogical prohibition can be explained by religious restrictions. On the other hand, it may be the desire to protect a pregnant woman from the stress and sadness of visiting a deceased loved one. But if you don’t plan on feeling sad or experiencing paranormal forces, then why not take a trip to the cemetery?

Source: PinterPandai, Parents, CNN Health

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