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What is pansexuality?

As indicated by the prefix “pan” which means “everything” in Greek, pansexuality characterizes people who are sexually, emotionally and emotionally attracted to all individuals, be they men, women, transsexuals. or intersex people (no sex defined), with no gender or sex preference. This fluidity in sexual and relational attraction therefore includes all forms of sexuality present in the human species: homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality. One or the other of these tendencies can appear permanently or occasionally and develop over time in life and over encounters. However, it is generally accepted that having more than two romantic or sexual relationships with people of different genders during one’s lifetime is akin to pansexuality.

Put on the front of the stage by celebrities, like Miley Cyrus or Janelle Monae, pansexuality often tends to be confused with bisexuality. We will enlighten you below on this recent sexual identity, but which is currently a real trend.

The difference between sex, gender and transgender

It remains to define what exactly is meant by sex and gender, two terms often confused in popular parlance. The word sex is based on the biological and physiological characteristics that differentiate men and women. As for gender, it refers to the sense of male or female psychological identity associated with the roles, behaviors, activities and attributes that society considers appropriate for both men and women. With regard to transsexuality, it characterizes individuals who adopt an identity opposite to their birth sex, without necessarily undergoing sex reassignment surgery.

They are not part of any community

Pansexuals define themselves as not straight, gay or bi and say they do not want to belong to any community. Their international day, set up in France since 2009, is nevertheless coupled with that of bisexuality. Each year, on September 23, they come together to fight against biphobia – in other words hatred of bisexuals or pansexuals – and the prejudices of which they feel victims.

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Variable sexuality

Because being pansexual does not mean having unbridled sexuality where you allow yourself anything and everything, as some heterosexual people seem to believe. This is not an incitement to debauchery or lust, far from it: one can perfectly live a sexuality without borders and be faithful. It is just a variable and multiple orientation that allows one to experience all the possibilities that exist in the human species, between consenting adults, without any perversity.

Pansexuality: just fashionable?

Pansexuality has not stopped grabbing the headlines lately. This new trend, however, is more than a fad. For those who say they are pansexual, it is another way of fully living their sexuality, by ignoring the standards imposed by society.

Sexual orientation usually begins during adolescence. However, many are those who “decide” to change sexual orientation (or who assume), once in adulthood. This situation is most often caused by a trigger that can be bereavement, divorce or other.

There are also other forms of sexual identity, most of which are unknown. Some thus claim to be asexual, aromantic, demisexual, demiromantic, greysexual, poly-sexual, lithromantic, panromantic, skoliosexual or even queer-platonic. We will let you look up their meaning in a dictionary or on Google…

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