Business Idea for SME (Small Medium Enterprise)

Business Idea for SME (Small Medium Enterprise)

Business Idea for SME

Are you looking for the business idea to satisfy your desire to create a business? Here are 15 current market trends for the long term

1. Create a medical equipment marketing company

fabric masks, medical masks, surgical masks, anti-pollution masks, test kits to detect Covid-19 (recommended by the WHO)… Sales of medical equipment have exploded since beginning of the crisis, gradually establishing lasting habits.

2. Offer solutions for medical teleconsultations

Providing consultation by interposed screen is more than a trend. Containment and the fear of being in contact with the virus in a medical practice have reinforced the success of existing players: TeladocHealthTap and Practo.

3. Create a business selling products that are good for health

Business idea examples: vitamins, food supplements, mineral cures, anti-aging products… The quality of our immune system is at the heart of our concerns! We have all understood that in the face of a pandemic, significant health capital can save our lives. Fear of lack of drugs or vaccines has also fostered the need for prevention. The population should continue to seek natural preventive solutions.

4. Focus on the distribution of sanitary equipment in response to the fear of contamination

Business idea: disposable gloves, hydroalcoholic solution, antiseptic gel, disinfectant wipes, soaps… As a precautionary principle, municipalities, schools, shops and public establishments, the transport companies have decided to systematically clean the surfaces in contact with the public. Given the supposed persistence of the virus and the fear of new viruses emerging, this industry may have a bright future ahead.

5. Develop a food delivery service

Drives and home delivery of consumer goods have exploded. The uncertainties surrounding the coronavirus in the coming months are likely to slow down travel in shopping centers and supermarkets, creating new sustainable habits.

6. Create an online business around sport

Sale of equipment, paid e-books and fitness classes, interactive training … Faced with the closure of sports halls, many athletes have sought to continue their training at home , and this, in various fields: cycling, bodybuilding… The performance of tools and their ease of access are developing new training methods.

7. Get started with videoconferencing software and remote work applications

The big winners of containment are Facetime, Messenger, Skype, Zoom, Loom and Teams. If you don’t have the soul of an inventor to create your own technology solution in this market, you can base your business on the deployment, training and support around these tools for companies.

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8. Create a streaming service

While Netflix, Amazon’s Prime Video, Prime Video Amazon, and Disney+ claim their presence, consumers have tended to chase boredom during lockdown by testing new platforms. The “Stay at home” movement can be long-lasting in the face of the growing number of home entertainment options.

9. Become an online trainer (infopreneuriat)

For example: online learning responds to the security needs of employees who have seen their jobs weakened by the pandemic. They are looking for new skills and knowledge to adapt to changes in the labor market and to cope at best with a possible new crisis. They may also be looking for a way to supplement their income through new professional horizons. Digital professions are doing well in this context (marketing, SEO, foreign languages, Highway Code, etc.).

10. Create an e-commerce and dropshipping company (direct shipping)

The drop in store sales is the consequence of the pandemic. A big rebound is expected in the field of e-commerce. The figures show a sharp increase in the very first online orders among consumers due to the health crisis. The momentum for online sales was well underway before the crisis and is taking advantage of the situation.

11. Getting into “greenbusiness” (short circuits and local consumption) offers you a wide range of activities in line with consumer expectations

For examples: agricultural production (organic farming, biofuels, eco-materials), construction (eco-construction, thermal renovation , heating / air conditioning), distribution of organic and fair trade products, waste collection and recycling, water saving, renewable energies (biomass, wind, geothermal, hydraulic, solar), forest preservation, transport (electric car, carpooling, tourism), green IT, paper or ink cartridge recycling, eco-business advice, green tourism…

12. Create a cybersecurity company

Guaranteeing the integrity of companies’ data assets is a profession of the future! The computer and physical measures to be taken are calibrated according to the nature of the data handled by the companies. Regulations are getting tougher (particularly in terms of GDPR) and teleworking requires companies not to neglect securing employee connections. Many do not know where to start. Becoming a specialist in this field promises imminent development.

13. Develop activity services for children

Entrepreneurs can, here, give free rein to their imagination to satisfy children’s need for creativity and their desire to learn: tutoring companies, subscriptions to creative kits delivered to their homes, reading applications, selling toys online .

14. Create a society in the field of well-being, and all that allows to release tensions at home or at work

A real need to preserve our health is confirmed. Faced with this need, the creators deploy a variety of offers: yoga, meditation, pilates, gentle gym, cardio, gardening, books …

15. Create a real estate agency

The flight from the big cities that started a few years ago is amplified with the fear of a new pandemic and the development of teleworking. A trend profitable for real estate professionals. More and more requests for visits to houses and apartments in Île-de-France are noted. This instinctive market reaction in favor of homes in contact with greenery demonstrates the new needs that real estate players are already busy filling.

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Photo credit: Pixabay

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