Bank Apps and Fintech Softwares For the Banking Sector

Bank apps and fintech softwares

Fintech Bank Apps and Softwares

Bank apps and fintech softwares helps manage, monitor and control transactions for financial institutions and banks. Private banks and mutual fund managers, as well as other wealth management companies, use these types of applications to provide customer service and administrative functions such as monitoring customer accounts, granting loans, financial accounting, and information system integration. Among the main features of banking software are compliance monitoring (with regard to government regulations), contact database and transaction control. See also: financial risk management software, investment management software, loan origin software, and loan management software.

Software for the banking sectors:


nCino is one of the leaders in bank apps and in cloud banking for the financial services industry. Its banking operating system ensures regulatory compliance, reduces risk, increases transparency and efficiency, and creates new revenue opportunities. The system combines credit generation, document management, business intelligence and reporting and the possibility of being an omnichannel channel for all banking operations through an integrated platform. nCino can be accessed securely from any device, across all facilities.


online banking
retail bank
Many branches
Business banking

Available countries

The country where the software is available. Note: Customer support may not be available in these countries:

Australia, South Africa, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Philippines, UK, Singapore, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, USA.


Tipalti disburses payments to vendors on your behalf using 6 different payment methods (US ACH, international ACH/eCheck, bank transfer, PayPal, prepaid debit cards, paper checks), in over 120 currencies, in over 190 countries, including Indonesia. Tipalti also offers upfront payments that are seamlessly integrated into the process, so suppliers get paid quickly.


An application designed for the management of private banks, offshore banks and other financial institutions involved in payments and loans, Corniche offers multi-currency accounting functions with a uniform back-office interface, services for merchants (cards), payment interfaces and online banking strong service. You can manage multiple entities with as many currencies as you need. The Corniche design makes it ideal for managing small to medium-sized banks and branches. This bank software is available in 151 countries, including Indonesia.


With strong scalability and diversity of modules, NexorONE serves various financial entities such as: online and private banks, credit unions, e-wallets, and asset and trust management companies. NexorONE is used by more than 300 financial entities worldwide, in 40 countries and in 16 languages. Can be used in 108 countries (for the time being, still not available in Indonesia). Features include a customizable responsive interface, user groups and admin roles, compliance rules (KYC, AML, etc.), APIs, and continuous updates.


Investment bank
online banking
Private bank

Who uses NexorONE?

Small online banks, credit unions, financial service providers, payment platforms, electronic wallets, mutual fund managers, wealth managers, private banks, savings and loan services, etc.

Where can NexorONE be used?

Cloud, SaaS, Web

F2B Payments

Mainsys Engineering, located in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 1995.
The Core Banking F2B Payment Solution brings together a suite of components for real-time account management and SEPA and international payments management. It is aimed at both traditional banks and digital banks.

– Customer management
– Account management: account opening, advanced consultation, transaction summary, etc.).
– AML management (anti-money laundering)
– Payment management: SEPA, SWIFT
– Document management

Who uses F2B Payments?
Neobanks, Fintechs, Retail Banks, Private banks, payment providers.

Where can F2B Payments be applied?
Cloud, SaaS, web, Windows (computer)

Available countries

The country where the software is available. Note: Customer support may not be available in this country.


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