Time is Money and Time is valuable and should not be wasted

Time is money

Time is Money

Our society sees time, as we know, as something linear. An arrow, necessarily pointed towards death. Benjamin Franklin, self-made-man par excellence, expressed the essence of this thought well by chanting “Time is money” in 1748. The experience of time is sometimes intoxicating, painful, often tragic and, in the end, inescapable. Facing up in time has always been on the agenda of different social groups.

The value of your work

There is more to value than the amount you have in your bank account, even if there is lots and lots and lots of money in it. In this context perhaps it is better to try to focus on what the result is “worth” and not the time you will spend on it.

Increasing its value or the value of what you offer is no longer being paid for the time spent but for the quality of what you offer. This does not mean that the time spent on it will necessarily be considerable. In this way, time is really made profitable.

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Money that earns time

The relationship between time and money is first linked to a constraint, that of the relationship with your salary and the time granted to obtain it. But it is possible to reverse the trend.

Devoting a little time each day to your finances and your money is already a first step to changing the state of things. Thereafter, start thinking in terms of a personal project with clear and precise objectives will allow you to better use your money by associating the time variable.

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In the end, you will gradually move from a situation where it is time that brings you money to a much more comfortable one where money brings you time.

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