What is Finance?

Whatever the organization, whether professional or associative, its finance department is of major importance in its development. Its role is to manage, balance and grow capital.

Finance analyzes the way in which a third party (an individual, a company or a State) takes an economic decision, in a specific context. It encompasses activities related to banking, capital markets, investments and debt.

In short, it studies the obtaining of financing, the mechanism of acquiring money, as well as the savings and the profits that result from it. This process helps to optimize resources and expenses, but above all to generate added value. Profits tend to increase the wealth of the company, which will be beneficial to its expansion and sustainability.

The word finance can also encompass the tools necessary to obtain capital, but also includes economic agents who invest to generate profit. Finance therefore makes it possible, using various processes, to be able to plan and design a project, while assessing the risks, according to a precise financial plan. If its primary goal is to increase wealth, the benefits are multiple, such as improving its standard of living, investment and development, but also cushioning the expenses related to the various charges of society.

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