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UFO Investigation in Brazil | The Operation Saucer (Operação Prato), military unsolved mysteries

Ufo operation in brazil

UFO Investigation in Brazil | The Operation Saucer (Operação Prato), military unsolved mysteries

Unveiling the Mystery: The Truth Behind UFO Operation in Brazil (Saucer Operation)

Dive into the heart of one of Brazil’s most compelling military operations with the Brazil UFO Investigation. This exploration into the Operation Saucer (Operação Prato) peels back the layers of one of the military’s most intriguing unsolved mysteries, where unexplained phenomena challenged conventional understanding and left a legacy of questions in its wake.

Discover the intriguing story of Operation Saucer (Operação Prato), the Brazilian Air Force’s investigation into UFO sightings in Colares, Pará during the 1970s. Delve into the documented encounters, the operation’s conclusions, and the lingering questions that keep the mystery alive today. Explore the blend of fact and conspiracy that surrounds one of Brazil’s most fascinating UFO investigations.

The Operation Saucer (Operação Prato): A Fascinating UFO Investigation

The Operation Saucer (Operação Prato) stands as a remarkable chapter in Brazil’s UFO investigation history. Conducted by the Brazilian Air Force in the late 1970s, this real investigation aimed to study the numerous UFO sightings in Colares, Pará. The operation’s significance is further validated by the existence of official records and firsthand accounts from those directly involved.

The Background of Operation Saucer

Colares, a small town in the state of Pará (North Brazil), became the epicenter of unusual and mysterious phenomena during the late 1970s. The locals reported sightings of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that emitted beams of light, causing physical harm to individuals. The frequency and intensity of these encounters prompted the Brazilian Air Force to launch Operation Saucer.

Prior to operation saucer

Before the Operation Saucer investigation in 1977, Colares, Pará in Brazil experienced significant UFO sightings. These incidents reportedly led to about 400 residents being harmed by beams of light from UFOs, dubbed “Chupa Chupa.” Concerned, the mayor sought military assistance to address the public’s growing alarm, leading to organized night watches and the use of fireworks to scare off the potential attackers.

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The Investigation and Findings

During Operation Saucer, the Brazilian Air Force deployed a team of investigators to Colares. Their mission was to document and analyze the UFO sightings, as well as the reported physical effects on the witnesses. The team interviewed numerous witnesses, collected photographic evidence, and even conducted medical examinations on affected individuals.

Sightings of UFOs

The findings of Operation Saucer were astonishing. The investigators documented over 300 UFO sightings and gathered substantial evidence, including photographs and videos. Witnesses described seeing strange lights, flying objects, and experiencing burns or puncture wounds caused by beams emitted from the UFOs. These accounts were consistent across different witnesses, adding credibility to the investigation.

Captain Uyrange: interview and death

In 1997, twenty years after Operation Saucer, Captain Uyrange gave an interview to researchers Ademar José Gevaerd and Marco Antonio Petit. He detailed the operation, his observations, expressed fear of abduction, and revealed the extensive documentation of the investigation, including over 500 photos, 16 hours of footage, and a 2,000-page report. Approximately three months after this interview, he was found dead, an apparent suicide according to Rede Globo.

The legacy of Operation Saucer

Operation Saucer remains a significant part of Brazil’s UFO investigation history. The official records and accounts from witnesses provide valuable insights into the phenomenon and contribute to the ongoing study of UFOs. The operation’s findings have sparked continued interest and debate among researchers and enthusiasts worldwide.


Brazilian military documents have been declassified and are available online.

In conclusion, the Operation Saucer (Operação Prato) was a real and well-documented investigation conducted by the Brazilian Air Force. Its focus on the UFO operation in Brazil; sightings in Colares, Pará, during the late 1970s has made it a noteworthy part of Brazil’s UFO investigation history.

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