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The Dig on Netflix: What is this poignant drama film?

The dig netflix

The Dig on Netflix: What is this poignant drama film?

The Dig

The film Dig is a true story of a 1939 British archaeological find serves as a setting for Simon Stone to delve into the emotions of a humanity on the verge of falling into the horror of war. With Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes, an overwhelming acting duo.

A so British drama, classic in form but which is savored for the accuracy and subtlety of its main performer, Carey Mulligan.

Directed by Simon Stone, “The Dig”, available this January 29 on Netflix, unearths a true story worthy of the greatest novels. On screen, Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan carry this film with striking images. Watch it on ? Netflix

What is it about?

A wealthy widow hires an amateur archaeologist to unearth a burial on her property. They then discover an ancient Saxon burial vessel and its treasure that could turn human history upside down. Together, they must stand together against the British Museum, which intends to seize the vessel by claiming to have discovered it…

What does it look like?

The Dig is adapted from the eponymous novel by John Preston, published in 2007, The Dig looks back on the discovery of a medieval treasure buried under the land of Edith Pretty near the town of Woodbridge, England. For his third achievement, Swiss filmmaker Simon Stone signs an intimate drama of great aesthetic beauty, which should appeal to history buffs. Films devoted to archaeological digs are often synonymous with adventure, from Indiana Jones to The Mummy to the mystic DaVinci Code. The Dig betrays this custom and delivers a human story, sublimated by the complexity of its two main characters, played by Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes.

A “Malickian” inspiration

A true chameleon, at ease both in blockbusters and in independent projects, the British actor puts his talent at the service of a man, Basil Brown, long forgotten in history. This film and the sensitivity of Ralph Fiennes pay tribute to the work of this amateur archaeologist, who counted so much in the discovery of the Sutton Hoo treasure. Carey Mulligan replaces Nicole Kidman, initially scheduled for the role, and powerfully embodies Edith Pretty, a modern and independent woman. If The Dig is a romantic work, it does not necessarily fall into romanticism. The two characters maintain a platonic relationship throughout the story, a detail too rare in cinema not to mention.

Thanks to the talent of cinematographer Mike Eley, the film multiplies the striking shots, worthy of paintings of the time. Shot with a handheld camera, Simon Stone’s feature film sometimes evokes the work of Terrence Malick for its contemplative and naturalistic aspect, close to the faces and therefore to the feelings of its characters. Barely available on Netflix, The Dig is already driven by a critical craze that could well take it to the Oscars.

Photo credit: Netflix, Mxdwn

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