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Roulette (European and American) | History and How to Play


Roulette (European and American) | History and How to Play


Roulette is a casino game that involves predicting where the ball will land by betting a certain amount. In this game of chance, which is simple enough to understand, you can bet on several odds. There are several types of Roulette: French and European with 36 colored squares and zeros. And the American with two zero squares. Important Note: this is a game of chance and therefore depends on luck. There are several other betting options such as color, number range, to odd or even.


The first game of roulette was designed in 17th century France, by the mathematician Blaise Pascal, who was inspired by his interest in “perpetual motion” devices. The game was played in its current form from 1796 in Paris.

According to some literary works, roulette was already played in France, in Paris, in 1796. The first roulette had single and double zeros. But in 1843, two Frenchmen invented the single zero roulette wheel to help the casino win less often.

Two “zero” boxes or just one?

We find traces of roulette in the novel by François Lablé entitled “La Roulette” in which he describes modern roulette with 36 digits consisting of a square of zero and a square of double zeros in 1801. It is surprising to know that roulette today in European countries offers a single square. zero!

The loss of this second “double zero” box was caused by François Blanc, the director of the Hamburg casino, in 1843. In order to reduce casino profits and attract customers to this game, he decided to remove this box. However, eliminating double zeros meant juxtaposing (place or deal with close together for contrasting effect) 2 reds next to each other and required a total redistribution of the numbers on the wheel: a new wheel had to be designed. Gradually, all European casinos were equipped with this new wheel: European roulette was born. There are two (slightly different) variants of European roulette: what is called French roulette and what is called British roulette, played like French roulette but with stacks of American bets.

The birth of American Roulette

At the same time, American casinos bought roulette wheels from European casinos, who happily got rid of them: thus the so-called “American” roulette wheel was born, when it was imported directly from Europe.

To play Roulette, you will need:

The 37 or 38-digit roulette wheel is divided into three distinct zones: neighbor zero (17 digits), third cylinder (12 digits) and orphan (8 digits).
The game table is called the betting table.
Token for betting.
The rake used by the dealer to move bets

How is the game of Roulette played?

In Roulette you can bet on several odds. That is, betting on the box where the ball will land:

The game of Roulette

Designate the player who will become the dealer. He didn’t bet he was the master of the game. To start the game he states: “Place your bet”. Now is the time to place your stake with chips and bet where the ball will land. You only have a few seconds ahead of you. You can bet on any number but zero.

Then by saying “nothing is going well”, the bookie starts the game you can no longer bet. Then the dealer throws the ball over the cylinder by announcing “game has been played”. This is a sign that the ball will stop soon. You know if you lose your bet or win more than you bet if the ball lands in the predicted zone. Groups of players use certain vocabulary to indicate the number on which the ball lands:

Give a number between 19 and 36.
Even for numbers ending with an even number.
Black for black color numbers.
Missing for numbers 1 through 18.
Odd for numbers ending with odd digits.
Red for red color numbers.
Dozens for the first, second and third dozen.

Then the dealer takes the losing bet using the rake.
You can then choose to stop playing or start over by placing a new bet.

How do you win the game of Roulette?

Think about how much you want to bet and analyze the strategies of other players. Supports European roulette, American roulette with additional slots, reduces your chances of winning. But to win big at the casino, it’s not enough to trust your lucky star. Now let’s discover techniques to increase your chances of success at roulette.

To win the game of Roulette, i.e. to win at least your stake or more, there are a few rules that must be followed:

Know the various bets and possible wins.
Measure the ratio between the risk of loss and the odds of winning when you bet. Better to bet small first than to bet big outright and lose everything.
Get to know the cylinder and practice to understand ball behavior.
Depending on the force in which it is thrown, it bounces in different ways.

To play roulette all you have to do is bet the chips on one of the carpet squares. Below are examples of possible ways to bet on roulette:

Single bet – 50% chance of winning the bet:

One color: black or red. The odds of winning this bet type are 50%.
Even or odd numbers – like color, the chance of winning is 50%
Less (1 to 18) or pass (19 to 36)

Special bets – more risky:

One number: This is the riskiest bet, but also the most profitable if you win.
Number sequences: You can bet on three, four, or six numbers at once.
A dozen digits: first dozen, second dozen, or third dozen.

After all bets have been placed, the dealer rolls the ball: the square on which to land determines the winning number. If your bet is correct (if you bet on red, for example, and the winning box is red), you will collect the money you bet, as well as the return to X times your stake. If you lose, the dealer gets your chips back.

Everything sounds really easy, right?

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Photo credit: Pixabay

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