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Pregnant baby, The very rare case for a new born in Hong Kong

Pregnant baby, The very rare case for a new born in Hong Kong

Pregnant baby, The very rare case for a new born in Hong Kong

The Pregnant Baby

The very rare case of a pregnant baby from Hong Kong who came into the world “pregnant” with two fetuses was revealed in February in the Hong Kong Medical Journal 2015.

Inilah yang terjadi pada tahun 2010 di Rumah Sakit Queen Elizabeth di Hong Kong. Seorang ibu Cina melahirkan seorang bayi perempuan yang beratnya lebih dari 4 kilogram. Tidak ada yang orisinal kecuali yang terakhir mengandung janin kembar. Janin yang terbentuk sebagian yang masing-masing memiliki empat anggota badan, kulit, tulang rusuk, tulang belakang, jaringan otak primitif, tetapi tidak memiliki tengkorak. Massa jaringan yang mencurigakan ditemukan pada usia kehamilan 37 minggu. Itu terletak di antara limpa dan ginjal gadis itu.

One in 500,000 births

According to Dr. Yu Kai-man, a Chinese specialist in obstetrics and gynecology, this particularity is very rare and only occurs in one in 500,000 births. Only 200 cases have been recorded so far and this baby is probably the first case. Chinese to be known. How the baby absorbed the two fetuses remains a mystery to doctors. “It’s almost impossible to detect during prenatal exams, as the embryo inside the baby is far too small. And since it’s impossible for the little girl to conceive them herself, fertilization of the two fetuses obviously belong to their parents, and the fetuses have been placed in the wrong place”, testifies the specialist.

Two fetuses aged eight to ten weeks

The two fetuses the baby was carrying were between eight and ten weeks old. Each of them had a spine, arms, legs, a rib cage and an umbilical cord. Surgeons relieved the girl of both fetuses when she was three weeks old. There is also no doubt that the medical team had a hard time believing what they had in front of them!

A team of Hong Kong doctors were surprised for this baby pregnant

A team of Hong Kong doctors were surprised to discover inside the body of a newborn baby girl a pair of partially formed “fetuses” or tumours. An extremely rare phenomenon.

The principle is that of nesting dolls nested inside each other. Hong Kong doctors have discovered twin fetuses inside the body of a newborn baby girl, reports the Hong Kong Medical Journal. The team described these partially formed beings as each having four limbs, skin, a rib cage, intestines and primitive brain tissue. They were connected to a placenta-like mass by umbilical cords.

The surgeon Nicholas Chao, who operated on the baby with his colleagues, confided his astonishment and said he had seen nothing like it during his entire career as a pediatrician. It’s one of “those very rare things that make the world around you stop spinning,” he says.

The study published by Nicholas Chao and his colleagues estimates that this phenomenon of “fetus inside a fetus” appears once every 500,000 births and that only 200 cases have been recorded worldwide.

The mother and her only child are doing well

The baby girl, born in November 2010 to a mother from mainland China at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Hong Kong, weighed just over four kilograms. Nicholas Chao told CNN on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 that she had recovered well from her surgery.

But, according to the doctor, a “controversy” persists over the real nature of “these things”. Should they be considered full-fledged fetuses or very advanced forms of tumors, also known as teratoma? At this stage, however, the extreme rarity of this type of case does not allow, according to the doctor, to decide between these two theses. The World Health Organization (WHO) classifies these cases in the second category.

Teratoma | Tumors that can contain such as hair, muscle, bone and teeth

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Photo credit (for ilustration): Pexels via Pixabay

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