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Godzilla vs Kong | 2 Mythical Monsters in 1 Movie


GODZILLA vs KONG. Courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture

Godzilla vs Kong

At a time when monsters run through the Earth, and as humanity struggles for its future, Godzilla vs Kong, the two most powerful forces in nature, collide in a spectacular battle never before seen. As Monarch embarks on a perilous mission into uncharted territory, and uncovers clues to the origins of the Titans, a human plot threatens to eradicate these creatures – whether good or bad – from the face of the planet.

Godzilla vs Kong: two mythical monsters in one movie

Godzilla vs. Kong is the promise of an epic fight. It could not be otherwise! The regressive Kong: Skull Island revived the giant ape, years after Peter Jackson’s masterpiece. Jordan Vogt-Roberts is unquestionably less talented than his predecessor but he was driven by the desire to put on an entertaining show.

The same goes for Michael Dougherty, in charge of Godzilla 2: King of the Monsters, the unbridled sequel to a first film signed Gareth Edwards which may have disappointed. To sum up, both monsters are included in an expanded universe piloted by Warner Bros. and they will not be long in finally meeting. The event will take place in front of Adam Wingard’s camera in Godzilla vs Kong. The promise of an unbridled show that relies on devastating brawls remains enticing, but the director was still responsible for the last Blair Witch or Death Note. Not enough to jump to the ceiling when seeing that film…

In this new plot of which we do not yet know all the content, the Monarch firm continues its work around the Titans and humans will still witness events that they could only imagine in their dreams. Godzilla and Kong are finally going to meet to argue, but other critters are going to be in the equation as well. There will also be a question of conspiracies and certain shenanigans, a secondary line compared to the expectation of fighting, large-scale destruction and a good dose of iconic plans.

Already postponed due to the pandemic, Godzilla vs. Kong is now scheduled for May 19, 2021 on our screens. In the USA, the film will be visible in theaters, but also for a month on HBO Max. At the end of last week, WarnerMedia announced that all of its releases will be done simultaneously through these two channels. Alexander Skarsgård, Millie Bobby Brown, Kyle Chandler, Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Shun Oguri and Eiza González will be showing in a film that we recommend to see in a dark room, to capture the immensity of the ‘confrontation.

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A director from horor film

Adam Wingard will set the scene the monstrous Godzilla vs Kong. Amateur of found footage and director of horror films (including the direct sequel to the Blair Witch Project released in 2016), Wingard is leaving the shooting of Death Note, an adaptation of the eponymous manga for Netflix.

He also has to his list a participation in the filmx choraux V / H / S. A sort of “horror sketch film”, the concept of V / H / S has been the subject of two feature films and has enabled a number of emerging filmmakers to cut their teeth.

A very (very) short teaser

Each year, the Comic Con in São Paulo, Brazil is held. In 2019, the studio left us hungry with a very brief preview. This year again, while we were finally waiting for a trailer worthy of the name for Godzilla vs. Kong. A few months before the official release, we were hoping to see the promotion pass the second. Even if it means having a teaser instead of a trailer. Warner Bros. actually showed footage from the film with a video that doesn’t even deserve the teaser title it was so short. Tiny seconds!

Time to see Kong roar with a chain around his neck and Godzilla take a dip underwater.

The position of the giant monkey raises questions, it seems to be captured by humans for a reason still unknown. No matter what happens to him, we know that he will find a way to free himself to enter the ring. Moreover, if Godzilla is designated as his opponent in the title, cooperation between the two against a common threat is clearly not to be excluded.

GODZILLA vs KONG. Picture courtesy of Warner Bros. Picture

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