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Covid-19: Johnson & Johnson announces the success of its single-dose vaccine

COVID19 Vaccin Single dose by Johnson & Johnson

COVID19 Vaccin Single dose by Johnson & Johnson

COVID19 Vaccine Single dose by Johnson & Johnson

The American group’s product shows good protection against severe forms and is resistant to the South African variant, according to clinical trial results that have not yet been detailed or analyzed by third parties. Read more: COVID19 Vaccine Single dose.

COVID19 Vaccine Single dose

A single-dose vaccine, easy to store, effective and safe, which is also resistant to various variants: the American giant Johnson & Johnson (J & J) announced, Friday, January 29 2021, that at the end of the phase 3 led by its Janssen pharmaceutical division, it now had “a simple and practical solution for the greatest number, capable of having a maximum impact to put an end to the Covid 19 pandemic.” For the occasion, the group organized a telephone press conference bringing together, alongside two of its executives, the head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Francis Collins, and the adviser to the President of the United States, Joe Biden, and his predecessor, Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci. A panel commensurate with the stakes.

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From the start of the race, Janssen had taken a different route

Not with regard to the technology chosen: its viral vector vaccine belongs to the same family as that of AstraZeneca or the Russian Sputnik V. It involves inserting a fragment of SARS-CoV-2 RNA into an inactivated adenovirus, then injecting the whole to let human cells produce the antigen that will trigger the anti-Covid-19 immune response. In contrast, where all of its competitors felt they needed two injections to ensure strong and lasting immunity, J&J was betting on a single injection.

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Phase 3 trial has yet been published (COVID19 single dose vaccine)

Bet won, at least apparently. None of the data from the phase 3 trial has yet been published in a scientific journal. But the press release and the information provided during the public exchange by the American scientific areopagus paint a rather reassuring picture. The researchers claim to have found no significant adverse effects. No serious allergies, no unexpected reactions. “A little pain at the injection site, a little fatigue for a few, nothing at all for the vast majority,” summarized Mathai Mammen, director of research and development at Janssen.

The group has undertaken to ship 100 million doses sent to the United States before the end of June 2021, around 200 million doses to the European Union before the end of the year, with the first deliveries in April, and about 200 million doses to developing countries, with the first shipments starting after June.

Like the vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, the vaccine from “J&J” delivers genetic instructions to cells in the human body to create a specific protein for the coronavirus, which in turn helps train the immune system to respond appropriately to the real thing. virus. But the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can be stored at refrigerator temperatures rather than deep freezers, making it easy to distribute.

Source: Euronews

Photo credit (logo): Wikimedia Commons

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